Monday, March 02, 2015

TV Show Review: The 100 Season 2 [NO SPOILERS]

I am a hardcore lover and fan of The 100 on The CW. It's one of my favorite TV shows ever and I'm glad I've been watching it from the beginning of when it started. There will be no spoilers for this review and basically just me fangirling, but yeah if you want to know what this show is all about, hang in there and find out! 

The 100 follows a group of 100 criminals that are basically sent down to Earth by The Ark  as guinea pigs to test whether Earth is inhabitable or not. Now these criminals, as low on the social class scale as they may seem, are not as indispensable and useless as the Ark claims them to be. Being a group of teenagers who have learned to survive their ways in space, they have learned how to cope with the Earth below them and take care of themselves, creating their own little society down on Earth. Little do they know that they're not alone on this planet... 

Okay so basically I would classify this show as a space/science fiction show because we are pretty much diving into the whole idea science fiction and like a futuristic society. Just like every other show on TV now these days, The 100 is full of feels and very emotional scenes. I just love going on twitter to listen to the fans tweet and discuss their feelings. It's just nice knowing some people love the show as much as I do.

The 100 is on THE CW Network at 9, so don't forget to check it out! 

Watch it because...
  • SWOON-WORTHY GUYS who take their shirts off!! 
  • The main protagonist is a badass heroine that knows a lot about being a doctor 
  • You'll get a story and show full of a ton of ACTION and mind-blowing CLIFF-HANGERS with each episode! 
  • It's based off of a book and you know how we all love books ;) 
  • Most of the authors are Australian and have that beautiful accent in real life, not in the show LOL 
  • I WATCH IT :) 

And now for a compilation of the hot guys!

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  1. <3 the 100.

    I didn't know they were Australian. WHAT? Their american accents are awesome! And Lincoln is British. I saw him in the movie Austenland and HOLY SHIZZLES HE WAS SHIRTLESS AND ITS A BIG DEAL. Love that movie too!

    I really love the female characterization in the 100. There's so much feminine power and it just makes me so happy. I also DON'T ship Clexa at all but I do love the change in sexuality. I don't think I've ever seen a CW show with a main character who isn't straight.

    1. CLEXA LOL Must we spoil the crowd? But yeah *whispers quietly* I don't ship them either. I LOVE FREAKING love the 100! Glad you like it too *wipes sweat off of brow* I finally found someone who's watched the series.

  2. Oh, hey, I stopped reading after the "taking off their shirts" bit :) You persuaded me! Awesome post!


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