Monday, March 16, 2015

The Book Spine Tag

I don't remember where I saw this tag but it was basically where you would make a poem with the names of the book on the book's spine. This tag was so much fun so don't be afraid to recreate it and let us know down below when you've done it, so we can see as well! Here is my photo of spines and my poem. 

Before I fall
Let's get lost
Don't look back 
In a handful of dust. 

I was here 
Since you've been gone, 
After The Fifth Wave 

Did you like my poem? Hope you guys enjoy this post! 

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is a book-hoarding, binge-eating anime lover that loves to read and write on her free time. When she hasn't got her head stuck in an enthralling fantasy novel, she's outside collecting rocks or re-organizing her bookshelves for the 100th time. Alex also has nightmares of her TBR pile falling down and crushing her underneath.


  1. Awesome. You seem to be inspired today - maybe you could help with this book proposal I've been working on? Lol, just kidding. A really good post.

    1. I would love to help, lol! Be warned I'm not that creative, mostly just bored and I happened to be staring at my book spines.

  2. That's gorgeous! I am definitely doing this tag. Great job, Alex!

    1. Thanks so much! Well I can't wait to see ur recreation :D

  3. I love this poem! Such a fun tag :tup You could definitely be a poet Alex :h


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