Monday, March 23, 2015

Paper Towns Movie Trailer Reaction

When I found out that Cara Delevingne was going to be the lead role for Margo in Paper Towns by John Green, I was hit by a wave of surprise and just shock because I never knew she could act. As you tell, I'm a bit thrown off with the way they wanted to represent her as Margo- this calm, cool, and collected character. I really didn't know how this was going to turn out.
I believe this is Cara's first role in a movie which is a bit of a surprise since she's like freaking amazing in the trailer. Although I've never read Paper Towns, she really knows how to capture the many personalities of John Green's female characters he usually write about. Cara has the face of a model but the potential of an actor!!

If you haven't played the trailer already, just play it before it's too late! There are so many things I want to talk about and juicy things to spill about the relationship between Cara and Nat. OK OK so I totally ship Cara and Nat in the movie because hello?... they are adorable! I loved Nat from TFIOS and I'm glad he's back in for another John Green movie! I don't know about you guys but Cara looked a little shady as Margo when she crept into his bedroom in the middle of the night. This movie is going to be so epic, just like TFIOS was. It will be the movie adaptation of the century, well after Insurgent, of course because Four is BAE. 
"Revenge plot begins." Those lines said by Cara really just put me in a good mood because guess what? MODELS CAN ACT TOO! She's perfect, absolutely awesome for this role and I totally support her fully in her movie. Eeek! I'm so excited!

Anyone else excited for the movie? What do you think of Cara's new role
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