Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Living with Non-Book People

I live with five other people in the house, 2 dogs, one fish, and one coral snake. No I'm totally kidding about the coral snake and the fish (Lenny died two years ago). But to get straight and right away to the point, I live with non-bookish people! aka. people that don't like to read, or don't like books. And how do I survive you may ask? Well honestly I don't but we've all got our ways of adapting. 

1. Talking to Yourself 
Leading a life surrounded with non-book people can result in talking to yourself. I normally have absolutely no one to talk about books with and that frustrates me! I get caught up in a conversation with sister about books but she's not interested, so she leave the room and I'm all alone talking to myself. In the worst cases, I've actually done this at the dinner table and I thought my parents were listening. But when they asked me, "Hey are you talking to yourself?" I was very disheartened.

2. Getting Yelled at for Buying Too Many Books
I'll admit that I go to Barnes and Noble on a weekly basis. It's an unhealthy habit but it's something I, myself as a person obsessed with reading, cannot control or handle. AKA It's me being me. What non-book people don't understand is that me not being able to buy books is like a fish not being able to stay in water. And they question me. Ask me why I always buy books even thought I have a bunch that I haven't read yet.

3. Impatient at Bookstores 
While I'm browsing the shelves at the bookstore, my parents suddenly tell me that it's time to leave and I'm taking way too long. Well of course I am! I need to make sure I'm choosing the most absolutely best book that I know I will enjoy. My family is very impatient with me at the bookstores and sometimes, rarely ever, I do feel bad that I have to drag them with me.

4. Touching My Books
I have a tiny little brother who thinks it's hilarious when my books end up on the floor and they have water spilled all over them. Imagine living with that and if you have this 'thing' and survived, bless you! Living with non-book people is hard because well my family tends to touch my books all the time and looking at the covers. No, no don't touch maaa books!! 

5. Alienated
Sometimes I do feel like the alien of the family just because I don't have the same interests as everyone else and would rather stay inside reading a book instead of having a picnic outside. It really gets to the point where I'm the nerd of the family. But don't be fooled because this can also mean a very good thing! It means you're unique and basically different than the rest of your family! 

Do you live with non-book people? Share your experience! 

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