Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hidden Hobbies: Polymer Clay Crafting

I was recently suggested by Diamond that I should do a post on this because it's recently been one of my crazy obsessions in life. I work with Polymer Clay and before you say, "what is this?", well I'm going to explain it in great detail. Polymer clay is a soft media material that can be molded, shaped, and backed to 230 degrees to harden and become a charm. You can also glaze them to make them shinier. I've been using my polymer clay modeling skills to make some bookish related things. I will leave pictures down below and everything shown is something that I made!

1. Angelic Rune Necklace (Not my original idea)
- made with starter black clay and shaped into the angelic rune
- dusted with silver and black tinsel perlex poweder to create the rustic feel 
- inserted two eyepins and attached the necklace chain 

2. Princess Belle Chibi (Anime-styled Character) 
- First I constructed the head and the body using a peach skin-colored clay 
- Wrapped the dress around her body and added hair 
- added the eyepins and baked 
- Painted some eyes and a mouth 

3. Nutella Inspired Ring (Not my original idea)
- I constructed the body of the nutella jar and the top 
- Printed a nutella logo to fit the jar and pasted it on with glaze after it was baked 
- Attached it to ring base to make it into a ring 

4. Ice Cream Penguin
- Started making a plain penguin (everything is made of clay here including the eyes and the nose)
- constructed the icing on the top of the head with a mint colored clay

Art it Up! A feature by Tabitha @ Not Yet Read

Do you guys have any creative hobbies? Care to share down below! 

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