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Valentine's Day Post + Giveaway: Ana & I discuss fictional crushes & book boyfriends

In honor of Valentine's Day I am happy to provide a very special post (and giveaway) for you all today! Ana @ Read Me Away and I teamed up to do a double post about BOOK BOYFRIENDS.
Here at Dee's Reads we're discussing WHO our book boyfriends are (and why). WHAT makes us go weak in the knees and WHY.

After this make sure you enter my giveaway to win your choice of ebook from my list of romantic novels. Will be awarded through Amazon or iBooks. Giveaway is International. Giveaway Rules HERE.

Book Boyfriends

  • Finn from Illusions of Fate. Most recent book boyfriend. He’s so cute. Charming, and blonde haired but not what I at ALL expected (or usually get from YA crushes. Especially since he came on the scene as the “rich boy with the magical powers." It was cool because she didn't ever let him just take control of her life (even though in the beginning he tried, since his problems really did put her in danger). I just felt like he respected our heroine and despite having a vast wealth he valued true love more than anything because he saw in his parents that happiness. This depth of character is not often seen - not to mention the level of maturity he had. I just... *swoons*
  • Aric from The Arcana Chronicles (Poison Princess / Endless Knight / Dead of Winter) by Kresley Cole. He’s got that “old soul” Actually he literally is an “old soul” and I don’t know why but that just makes me weak in the knees. I always like the man who is wise beyond his years. It makes for better stories. Oh, and did I mention he has an unimaginably large….library?!?!?!?! *swoons*

  • Luc from The Beautiful and the Cursed: The dark haired, gorgeous gargoyle.. He is another oldie but goodie, since he's been frozen in stone for so long. He's got that bad boy thing, (killed someone) but only because THEY did something really unforgivable to his little sister. He's really caring but sometimes can be a bit stand off-ish. Which is why he's third in my little top three thing I have going on here. But I did find a pretty damn good picture to match what he looks like in my mind..


  • Luca from Sky Song. He’s sweet, funny, and charismatic. He’s the kind of guy you would hang out with after school, maybe see a movie, and do something fun.

  • Leo from The Lost Hero. Another funny guy, a little bit too active for my taste, but he’s the kind of guy who you can joke around with.

    Leo Valdez (Hero of Olympus)
  • Cassel Sharpe from The Curse Workers. This guy is actually a main character, haha! (I always seem to go for the secondary ones.) I adore him because he’s so… Sharp. *DODGES TOMATOES* He’s smart! I love that!

Diamond: I just have to add that Leo (see right) is soo so so amazing and adorable and I love how he's so smart and tinkers with stuff and just…his ADD genius and humor is infectious. But, he's Ana's Book Bf so…I'll let that one go. Plus, I feel like I can't ship him b/c of Percy...

What do you look for in a book boyfriend?

Ana: I look for a book boyfriend who can make me laugh! If he’s one of those broody/dark or “omg don’t touch me I hate you” kind of boys, I lose interest! :P

Diamond: I look for a book boyfriend who is different. If he’s generic, *snooze* he’s not my type. The more unique and different his personality is--the more I get attracted to that. Like Ana said, a sense of humour is just essential. I don’t like immaturity in guys, and when the character is mature it just adds that extra “it” factor that makes me go from “crush” to “no, this is my book boyfriend. you best be steppin’.” >.<  The most important thing though-- is Intelligence. He has to be smart, especially if the heroine is a super smart lady. ;)
You know, the more I think of this the more obvious it becomes: I look for the same things in book boyfriends that I do in my real life. ;)

Ana: Exactly! I love it when the heroine and her love interest are both really witty and intelligent. It means that they have the BEST banter! ;)

What is your idea of a dream date?  

Diamond: I would like to just get to know them and do something romantic. I feel like this depends on the personality of the man and the woman! Knowing my personality ..going to a bookstore and getting lunch, then just having so much fun we decide to go window shopping or see a movie and get dinner and drinks afterwards.

Ana: I would love a date where we can just talk to each other a lot. Maybe go out to do some sight-seeing in the city, or the countryside. I think all the walking around and exploring lets two people talk it out a lot. Also there are tons of movie-worthy cute photos you can take on a trip!

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  1. My ultimate book crush is Warner from the Shatter Me series! I looove him! :D

    Angie @ Pinkindle

    1. ooh I really have to read that series! I have heard so many mixed things about it— it makes me want to read it even more LOL :k

  2. I love our post so much! :D HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, DEE! <3

    Those gifs are so cute! And those photos of the guys, SWOOOONNN~!

    1. i love our post so much too!! :L I had so much fun making it w/you! <3 <3
      Happy Valentine's Day Ana!!
      Glad you like those gifs!! hahaha

  3. I need to read "Poison Princess"! Its really high up on my TBR list but I don't have a copy.

    My ultimate book boyfriend is Will Herondale. I know its clich├ęd but he is as close to perfect as it comes.

    Rachel @ Rachel's Reading Corner

    1. YES YOU NEED TO READ IT RACHEL. 8| omg if you don't win this you need to tell me I will send you a copy ;)

      aww he's not cliched! I haven't even read him yet *hides* :$

  4. I really love Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Like, a lot. I also love (and I realize this is cheesy, but I am a sucker for a brogue and a kilt) Jamie Fraser from Outlander. The fact that he is so freaking pretty on the show doesn't help!

    1. ooh I NEED to read Outlander this year!! I make a goal every year to start a long book that is also popular :D lol. Last year it was Game of Thrones. This year, OUTLANDER lmao. :h Can't wait to read the hotness

  5. Well done, ladies! Your Valentine's post is the best I read yet :D As for me, I just finished Holly Black's The Darkest Part of the Forest, and of course I'm crushing on changeling Jack of the soft brown skin and silver-gleaming eyes... Enough said!

  6. Love this! And I agree with Diamond intelligence is sexy as hell! And if he is carrying a library card and has a sense of humour, it's a done deal! :)

    1. ohh yeah he better have a library card! :L lol. Intelligence is just… *fans self* as long as he's not pretentious, that's un-sexy. :k thanks for stopping by hon!

  7. I like Christine Feehan's Carpathian heroes.
    I enjoy all the authors listed above and I'd probably pick Nora Roberts :)

  8. If I won, I would choose one from the Nora Roberts series, I love her books! I don't think I have an utlimate book boyfriend, I'm very happy with my husband!

    1. aw that's cute. I love Nora Roberts too— I need to read more of her books! Have you read the Cousins O'Dwyer series? I need to read the last book!

  9. Hmmm, I would say right now that Jack Fata (Hawthorne) from Thorn Jack and Briar Queen by Katherine Harbour. This SERIES right now is my book Boyfriend! Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway. Hope that you had a very happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Ah I love book boyfriends,I love to collect them. Some favs -Warner, Reyes Farrow, Ridge and many more.

  11. Replies
    1. ooh I know him!! I haven't read Bloodlines but I love him in Vampire Academy books! :D I know he's more in the Bloodlines series, but I can't start it until I finish VA first, I have one or two books left :D

  12. Chaol from the Throne of Glass series!!
    I'd love to get Poison Princess.

    1. OMG you're my new best friend. Chaol is the ultimate book boyfriend, although I do have a soft spot for Dorian....

  13. I love Finn too. And I would choose poison princess :)


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