Thursday, January 22, 2015

Post-Birthday: Book/Gift Haul + mushy sentiment

So my birthday festivities are over. Tomorrow I will celebrate my friends bday who was days before mine by seeing Into the Woods. I'll let you know how I like it, I think it looks good ^_^

I can't believe I'm 28. I'm not one of those people who thinks that it's "old" or anything like that. It's just crazy because it's so close to 30. When I was younger I thought that when I was 30 I'd be like "cool shit" and have all my shit together too. Hmmm that's only half true. Although I think I'm cool as shit in a lot of ways, I feel like my "shit" is just on it's way to getting together….

This year I wanted to keep it simple. Normally I do elaborate birthdays; sneaking off to Mazátlán, Mexico or jetting to Paris, France. This year, however, I was content to do sushi and hookah bar with my friends (see photo above). I got 1 major gift for myself this year, which is: a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I now am fully prepared for school in Fall. I've wanted a Mac computer for years. It feels so good to actually have one. I love posting and blogging on here too. I CAN TYPE SO FAST! It's so much easier than blogging on my iPad, which is how I've been blogging... :i

…for all of you who sent me happy birthday tweets, fb msgs, sent me book mail, commented here, etc. I cherish them and I have never felt so loved as I have this year. From family there is always the love, but this was the first year where I actually got so many nice gifts from unexpected sources that I just felt all warm and fuzzy inside :h So I need to say..


My Birthday Haul

         MacBook Pro w/Retina Display
             13" - from myself :party

The Venture Bros. S3  + Between the Spark and Burn - from Scott (@ZOMBIEHIGHX23)

Dangerous Girls - from Jess @ My Reading Dress
so excited to read this. It was totally off my radar, and I do want to read more thrillers so yay :tup

Dead of Winter - from Jess @ Step Into Fiction (won it, but it came around my bday and it was on my wishlist so that makes it a gift in my book.) :tup

The Maze Runner - from my not-so-little brother :L
after being on the fence with this one, I saw the trailer for the movie and thought, oh this looks good. So it's one of the very few dystopia books I have added to my tbr that i'm excited for :D

Cupcakes made by my lovely mom…(aren't they gorgeous?! I prefer cupcakes over cake) :k
+Money, hairpins, necklaces, owl mug, hookah tobacco and coals, wine, and handmade frames from Family and Friends. I'm so spoiled.

BUT I'M SPOILING YOU GUYS TOO. If you haven't already:



—Thanks again everyone! Have you read any of these books?! Any fans of the Venture Brothers out there? Has anyone seen Into The Woods with Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, etc? 


  1. Happy belated birthday!! I actually read The Maze Runner series because of the movie trailer too. Ha. The first book is a little slow with the pacing but it's still good. I enjoyed the entire series. Happy reading!

  2. Enjoy Into The Woods! You must tell me how it goes for you (look out for the shirt ripping haha ;D)

    HAPPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN! WOOOOHOOOOOO hahahahaha I still think I'm "cool shit" as well, I feel you hahaha But hey, two more years until you have to have it "together". Rock out, enjoy it, go crazy for now ;)

    ENJOY THE MAC! I was so weary at first but now I don't think I'll ever be able to go back, tbh. I love it.

    AND ONCE AGAIN, HUGS HUGS HUGS. I hope you enjoy Dangerous Girls! It took me by surprise last year and I loved it! <3

    1. shirt ripping?! *cheers* :b haha! Thanks again honey bunch for the birthday wishes. <3
      and, you are cool shit, that's why you feel that way.
      I'm totally obsessed with my Mac, I don't want to go anywhere without it. haha. I will never be able to go back, everrrr.

  3. First of all, you are not old at all. But I remember when I was approaching 30 I felt like it was a big milestone. That I was supposed to be an adult and have everything figured out.
    And --- twins! I just ordered a MacBook Pro with retinal whatever it is. And it's still in the box. Hoping to get it set up this weekend. I have no idea how you blogged on an iPad!!!

    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. You're totally right Jen. 30 will freak me out a bit, but I think it's becoming less of a stigma (is that the right word?) than it used to be!
      YOU ORDERED A MACBOOK PRO?! AND HAVEN"T OPENED IT YET?!?!?! HOWWW do you do that?!?! you're cray! >.< cray!
      I, too, have NO idea how I blogged on an iPad. like, wtf. it was So hard, seriously!! This is way easier. and more fun. <3

  4. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! & yum cupcakes! You got some awesome books, hope you enjoy them all.

  5. AAHHH GIRL HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your MacBook Pro looks fab, I recently got a MacBook Air, lol! BUT ISN'T IT JUST THE MOST AMAZING THING? I used to have a PC but now, I am totally in love with my mac.

    1. THANKS mel!! :h *hugs* I know you recently got one! Aren't you just loving it ?!? :L It is DEFINITELY THE MOST AMAZING THING BY FAR. NO lie.

  6. OMG, I am so jealous of your MacBook Pro! I need a new laptop so bad! For now I'm fortunate to have a MacBook Air for my work laptop and we're allowed to use it for personal use, but I really would like to just have my own laptop again. Thanks so much for stopping by my Bookish Thoughts post earlier! Hope you'll check back to see how my eharmony trial is going!

    1. YOU SHOULD! It's honestly not that bad, especially if you get the Education pricing. Makes it a lot more reasonable. Plus I didn't need any upgrades, so that was fab. I'll definitely check back to see your harmony updates! haha no pressure or anythangggg lol xP Thanks for stopping by Lisa!

  7. You got some fab pressies :) And I'm delighted you got a macbook pro, I treated myself to one last Oct and it's the best thing I ever did. I hesitated for so long as they are so much more expensive than a windows laptop but I adore it! I can't imagine blogging on an iPad, do you have a keyboard for it? I get frustrated touch typing, it's too slow for me.

  8. Happy Be-Late Birthday. It looks like you have a blast. I want to see Into the Woods too, but sadly is not on theaters on this side of the world.
    For my birthday I also got a MacBook Pro w/Retina Display, that was DH's present. Another reason to love the guy. :)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like you have had a lot of fun. Can't wait to see Into the Woods myself! Hope you enjoyed it!

  10. Happy Birthday! Enjoy that Mac and it looks like you and your friends had a wonderful time. When you turn 40 I think you finally think you have your shit together or at least by then you don't care what anyone else thinks about your shit, cause it's yours.


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