Monday, December 01, 2014

Dust Off Your Classics: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dust off your classics is a challenge created by myself and Trish @ Between the Lines
see the sign-up page. Basically the goal is to just read as many or few classics as you feel like during the year. 


This will be the 6th book for this challenge. I read this as a buddy read in a Goodreads group. It was definitely a book I'd suggest buddy reading or at least discussing because there are so many things to discuss! 

My Review

Th Picture of Dorian Gray was one of the first books I put on my TBR when I first got on Goodreads back in early 2012. It was on my tbr for many years before that. We all have those books that have been on our TBR forever and sometimes we feel like we won't ever get to them. I'm glad I did finally get to it though. I bought a copy on sale and I started watching and falling in love with this new show on Showtime called Penny Dreadful. It's based on all the classic characters from gothic literature. Dorian Gray, Frankenstein as a young doctor, Professor Van Helsing, and a similar Allen Quarermain, as well as Dracula and more. Plus it stars Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and Timothy Dalton. :L
As far as I could tell all the characters were extremely loyal to their book counterparts. I highly suggest giving the show a go.
 Below is a gif of the youthful, classically handsome and boyish Mr. Gray as portrayed on the show. But enough of that let me get on with the book :O

This book is one iconic quote after another. It's the type of book I was glad I had a copy of so I could pencil in my thoughts, musings, and mark my favorite quotes. It's rare for me to mark up a book so much, especially fiction. I think thats a testament to how fast Oscar Wilde got my brain to whir and churn with new ideas. I found myself revisiting old ideas too, but adding to them. This is so,etching I really love doing. I mean, c'mon I'm a philosopher at heart. I wonder if Oscar Wilde was friends with any famous philosophers? I need to google that. He definitely is am hilosopher and I loved how the story was enough. I mean, if you want to read a short classic story and thats it-- you got it in this book. If you want to delve a little deeper, you can; there are double meanings and different philosophies are accurately represented as well. So much so that I feel I will definitely need to revisit this for a reread. It's packed with so much that one reading Is not enough to unlock all the secrets within. 

I recommend this book to everyone. It still is relatable today (who doesn't know/have a DORIAN in their lives?) and it's also I incredibly thought provoking. I guess that's why it has stood the test of time. It's not a long and drawn out boring book. It is pretty fast paced, granted there were some slow moments. I think it was hardest for me to read the ending because I knew what happens to Oscar Wilde at the end of his life. 

I have since bought a used copy of his poetry and plan to read that sometime soon. :$

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