Monday, September 22, 2014

Spontaneous Giveaway Time!

It's GIVEAWAY time! :party

Lately, I've been sort of glum regarding the blog. Seems like I just got in the groove again, whipping out tons of ARC Reviews (on or before the release date!) and having a blast. This ended all too soon though.  This past year I was barely working and looking for a job for 6+ months. I finally scored a new job *squee* but the hours are loooong. I barely have the energy to read and am falling a bit behind on review books read. I had to cancel some buddy reads too. :c 

But I'm happy. :e I mean, I love this new job, it's awesome! And I still have time to blog, which is a plus. I think I just have to lower my expectations for the amount of books I can pound out. Even though I'm a fast reader, some nights I don't even pick up a book or my iPad to read. :o

The point to all this? I think, since the last giveaway went so well, I wanna do another one! I didn't forsee this, so no hop this time. Just spontaneity. I have several books still on my shelves (ARCs and finished copies) that I don't plan on ever reading. 
Hint: some of them are on my trade list on YA Book Exchange

*I want to make this INT too, so I'm doing a small one for an INTL winner - 5$ Amazon GC if the winner is INTL. You can buy an ebook of your choice!*

So what's up for grabs?!
2 surprise books! (US)

5$ Amazon GC (INTL)

*By entering you're agreeing to my Giveaway Rules*
*If you win, I'll ask you for your top fav genres (within YA) and will choose based on what you dig*
*Books are ARCs / finished copies*

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