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Graphic Novel Review: Willow: Wonderland by Jeff Parker, Christos Gage & Brian Ching

Willow: Wonderland
Source: My Collection (paperback)
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I can't emphasize how much I enjoyed this graphic novel. Like most people, I was a bit let down by season 8 Buffy comics. I have been following season 9 but not as ardently as I followed season 8. I admit that season 9 has been a improvement; but one thing was seriously lacking in both season 8 and 9 -- Willow! Willow is one of my favorite characters, and I was sad when she was pulling away from Buffy.

I also have to mention that the cover to this? Gorgeous. So stunning, I find myself staring at it for moments at a time. I just had to make it large-- couldn't resist! I love the fact that this is a one-shot. So anyone can read it-- even if you haven't read season 9 at all you could follow this story. I was super surprised at the introduction of Marrak, and really had no idea who he would be from Buffyverse! Definitely didn't see that coming! I just love how they incorporate, like, all the previous characters (no matter how small) and put them in the comics. It's always amazing, and yet also believable.

In season 8 of the comics I remember Willow's magical guide was the gorgeous green woman/creature/mermaid thingy. We never learned what happens to her or exactly who she was; we just knew she guided Willow and also was her lover for a bit. It was amazing to see her again  and find out more about her! I was a little worried, was she truly good or did she have sinister interests?

As a huge fan of Buffy and Joss Whedon I have to say...Joss, you're doing a wonderful job. Wonderland was spectacular. I'm going so far as to say it's my favorite comic you've made since season 8 (not counting Tales of the Slayers & Tales of the Vampires and other Omnibus shorts). But that's saying something. I can't wait to read more of Willows story and how she incorporates magic in the world. 

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