Friday, January 17, 2014

Discussion: Make haste to preorder or waste to preorder?

So lately with all the talk about anticipated 2014 releases I've been thinking about all the books I'm excited for this new year. But it's got me wondering: How do you go about reading newly released books? 

Do you preorder them? I like preordering for a few reasons. One, oftentimes I forget I did preorder so when I receive the package I get all giddy and pleasantly surprised. ^_^ I also like it. Because I get to read it as soon as it comes out! The problem is, preordering is often expensive. And I know it's not just me, but all book bloggers alike, who already have so many eARCs and books we buy that are piling up! It's hard to add to that by preordering. But sometimes don't you just feel you HAVE to have it? Gimmee Gimmee! ;)

What do you think about publishing companies who use incentives to encourage more preordering? For instance, the upcoming release Cress by Marissa Meyer was a title where the publisher will send you a comb if you send proof of your preorder receipt. I'm skeptical whether I'll actually get the comb (I'll let you guys know!) because doesn't it seem a bit too good to be true? Maybe that's because I haven't actually participated before. I do think it's a good idea, and I can see why publishers love preorders because it can guarantee an author or series success! That's another reason I like to preorder for a series I just adore and want to support.

If you're one that doesn't preorder-- what do you do? Do you get the titles from the library? Do you buy them used or trade with others for perhaps an arc of the title?

I do pretty much all the above avenues to get books I just need to have. I don't preorder too much because it gets costly and sometimes I can't even get to the book right away because I'm usually so backed up with review books! I probably end up preordering books no more than 4x a year. Perhaps I'll end up doing it more this year, but I'm trying really hard to just wait and either go to the library or trade ARC of said book.

Comment below and join the discussion! Do you have a system you follow or a set # of books you preorder? Do you think it's a waste? 
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