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Graphic Novel Review: Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz, Alina Urusov

Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel
by Melissa de la Cruz
Source: Library
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While I am a lover of graphic novels and a lover of young adiult books, I haven't read any graphic novel versions of ya in the past. I really enjoyed the Blue Bloods series though, which I started earlier this year, and thought this would be really good.

For the most part, I really enjoyed this graphic novel. The colors were great, and many of the characters were drawn spot-on. My biggest concern is how Jack Force and Cordelia Van Alen were drawn. Jack is supposed to be super hot and fine. He was ugly, and not cute at all. I mean, why!? Cordelia is supposed to be an old, tiny, rial thin woman. She was drawn substantially. Yeah she was old but why wasn't she tiny and frail? Just wrong.

I thought Dylan and Bliss were done well; Mimi Force was ok. She is supposed to be a gorgeous and well-off woman with blonde hair, super skinny, etc. I felt she looked a little trashy sometimes, and didn't appear to be well-bred or a powerful Blue Blood whom most women envy. Schuyler was drawn adequately. She looked a little homely in some frames, but she did look gorgeous in her vintage clothes in others. I think because I'm an avid graphic novel reader that I am perhaps more forgiving than others who would read this graphic novel and be disappointed to see their favorite characters drawn this way. It's important to remember that this medium is different, and they did choose a fairly generic style for the drawings and colors. I can tell the creators wanted to play it safe-- but in doing so it didn't really stand out too much in terms of visual appeal.

The story was done well in terms of cutting out certain details so it fits into one graphic novel. I didn't feel like they missed any major or crucial parts of the novel; and if you haven't read the novel you could easily follow along. All except for the beginning, that is. The diary entry was not really later reintegrated, and in the book it's better explained and makes sense. Whereas here it seems sort of out of place and never ties back together, so if you're a first time reader be wary of that.

All in all I'm glad I picked this up. It was a super fun read and very easy to follow along. I liked most of the characters and the drawings. It was a little generic, but I think because the story is so great it doesn't really matter. I will definitely be reading the next installment of this graphic novel, although I'll probably borrow it from the library instead of purchase it.

I recommend it to all fans of the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz.

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  1. I saw this recently and thought about picking it up but I haven't read the series yet...and I don't know if I will honestly so I'll likely stay away. Plus it didn't amaze you! =P

    1. Tabitha-- I suggest you read the books first. If you like the series like I did, then I'd recommend reading the graphic novels. But I know you're a graphic novel lover like me, and based on that I think if u read this BEFORE reading the books it'd be a disaster! Lol 8|

  2. I read some (most?) of the Blue Bloods series and enjoyed it! I'll check this out!
    Jen @ YA Romantics


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