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Discussion: Those who read...and those who don't

Discussion Post: 

So lately I've been thinking about the difference between those who read...and those who don't. The reason it's been on my mind is because I recently had a conversation with my boss. He was telling me he's not really a reader. I shrugged, and understood. Then he started asking me about my reading habits, marveling at the fact that I spend a whole day reading! I asked him, "Haven't you ever been so engrossed in a book you had to finish it asap?" He gave me a blank look, and said No. 

Ok, I admit this kinda got to me. I thought about all the times I've spent holed up reading an excellent book. All of those  wonderful days where I got lost in the story, and had so much fun living in the world of fiction. I imagined if I never had any of those experiences.. And
I suddenly felt incredibly sad. I felt bad for him. Later, I thought perhaps he has a hobby in which he has an equal amount of joy? But it's not to joy of having a book. :c 

 I guess I never realized how many people haven't had that experience of devouring a book. In the past I figured that people who weren't avid readers still had favorite books;  so those favorite books gave them an experience of reading nonstop and the thrill of needing to know what happens. Right? Not necessarily. It follows that if this one particular person who isn't a reader, and has never had an experience where they eagerly read a book, there are others (probably many others!) who have also not had those experiences. Even though they probably have fulfilling lives and have another hobby that gives them an equal amount of joy and happiness (football, horses, stamp collecting)..I still can't help but think, they never had that experience with a book. 
And that is what makes me kinda sad for them. 

I can't help but feel like they're missing out. 
That for even someone who isn't an avid reader, they still deserve at least one (one!) fulfilling favorite book experience. Where they stay up all night, and eagerly wait to find out what happens. When they can't stop thinking about the book and the characters. At least once in their life, everyone should have that. Right? 

What do you think? 
Do non avid-readers still have these book experiences?
Or are we-- the avid readers-- the only ones who enjoy books to this extent? 
What do you feel about the people (like my boss) who have never felt compelled to finish a book (even their favorite!)? Do you think these people just haven't found a good enough book to take them to book-fantasy land?

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