Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review-a-thon Progress: #MonsterRAT

The monster review-a-thon is hosted by the ladies @ The Book Monster
*I will be updating this post the rest of the week with my progress :O*

I started the monster review-a-thon intending to catch up on my author-requested reviews before the end of the year. I suspect it will take me longer than a week, so I'm going to be doing this (unofficially) all month and next month. I have about 10 author requested books to finish yet. (Eek!) In addition to all those eARCs! But this week I'd be happy if I can get through 2-3 of them. I'll also be writing reviews for books I just haven't had a chance to yet. So I'd be happy writing 3+ reviews but getting through a lot of review books too; as many as possible.

 -Is anyone else in a mad frenzy to finish review books by the end of the year? :|| I do have some requests for early 2014, but for the most part I've kept it small because I'm still thinking of my strategy for requests and review organization for 2014. This year was a mess, but it was my first year of blogging. *shrug*


Review 1: Dance of the Red Death (see it on Goodreads) 

(DNF) Review 2: The Loved, the Lost, the Dreaming

I started with horror anthology The Loved, the Lost, and the Dreaming. It's a bit confusing because I don't know how to read it. It seems like it has many short stories that are connected. I'm still in the first story, but there are a lot of grammatical errors. To the point where it's distracting, and I feel like in editing it by underlining them all. I don't know if the main character is male or female, and I'm almost done with the first story. With so many books to review, I don't have time to sludge through and read more just to add fodder to what will ultimately be a 1 star review. :( So, I'll be marking this a DNF, unfortunately.

Review 3: Released (Romani Realms #1) by Mia Fox
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*Next to Read / Review*

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  1. I'm also in a mad dash to finish! I totally know what you mean by review organizational mess... I've been in that state this year too, here's to hoping for a good 2014 for you :)

    Good luck on your goals!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I hope you have a good 2014 too :tup I def am in a total mad dash to finish all these review books by end of next month ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I so need to catch up on my review request too! Good job with your a-thon!

  3. This reminds me--I must start the Masque of Deather series! I am a huge fan of the covers :D

    Hope you read some awesome books! <33

    1. Ya u do! The first one was awesome, the second one...not so much.. :|| but I still enjoyed the series :)

  4. I really wanted to join this but I'm too busy to make it happen :( I'm trying really hard to get through all author requests by the end of the year too so I can start the year on a clean slate. I'm fairly up to date on NG and my EW's are mostly 2014 releases but I want to make a start on them too. Plus books I won and bought. Scary if you add them all together! Good luck with you goals, you can do it! LOL

  5. I always want to finish but life gets in the way, but I've been so bad this reviewathon - I think I only got to 3 of my 7 books!


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