Monday, September 09, 2013

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon Updates Post

Hi guys! I'm here for my updates for the two week Tackle Your TBR read a thon hosted by Tressa's Wishful Endings / Colorimetry. For the deets check out my goals post: This post will contain all my updates for the first week. Updated daily, of course. :) Also accessible on my sidebar on the top (click the beautiful button will take you to this post when it gets lost in the feed). I decided since this is a two week read a thon I'll just be updating this post daily for the first week. [ Posting challenges on my Tumblr ]


Day 1- Sunday 9/8
Started The Silent Swan 
Pages read: 250 
Books finished today: 1/2
Total books finished: 0

Day 2- Monday 9/9
Started Poison Princess
Pages read: 450 
Books finished today: 1 - The Silent Swan
Total books finished: 1

Day 3- Tuesday 9/10
Started Soulless
Pages Read: 275
Books finished today: 1 - Poison Princess 
Total books finished: 2

Day 4- Wednesday 9/11
Started Changeless
Pages read: 500
Books finished today: 1 - Soulless
Total books finished: 3

Day 5- Thursdsy 9/12
Started Blameless
Pages Read: 575
Books Finished Today: 2- Changeless, Blameless 
Total books finished: 5 

Day 6- Friday 9/13

Started Masquerade, Shattered Souls
Pages Read: 675
Books finished today: 2 - Masquerade, Shattered Souls 
Total books finished: 7

Day 7- Saturday 9/14
Started Obsidian, King Hall
Pages Read: 355
Books finished today: 1- Obsidian
Total Books Finished: 8

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