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Book Review: The Iron Knight (Iron Fey #4) by Julie Kawaga

The Iron Knight
by Julie Kagawa
Source: My Collection (paperback)
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It makes me really happy when a book draws from another story/movie/TV show/poem that I love. When I picked up The Iron Knight, it was the day after finishing The Iron Queen. I was proud of Meghan, and finally not at all annoyed by her little quirks.

But, I didn't feel like it was over in a satisfying way for Ash and Meghan. I'm so glad Ms Kawaga wrote this book. In my opinion, it's the best book of the Iron Fey series. It was truly an adventure in every sense of the word. I read as an amazing movie reeled in my mind (pun intended). It was refreshing to have Ash's perspective.

Back to what I mentioned about influence. Yes, I felt a strange likeness as I put two and two together. I'm sure there have been many many more than two stories with a hero trying to gain his soul. As a fan of Buffy, though, I feel I have to point out the likenesses with Ash's journey to redemption...and Spike's / Angels. Why do I say Spike before Angel? When it was Angel who was cursed with a soul first? Well, I say Spike because he chose to gain a soul. He knew exactly what it would do to a centuries-old creature such as himself who had killed countless lives without a flicker of regret. Just like a certain ice-boy, no? Like Angel, though, we have an angry village witch Druid who curses the vampire/winter prince to never know love without it being taken away. Both curses resulted, ultimately, in a soul.

I could write an essay about the similarities, but that would probably annoy anyone who is reading this. And it would involve much more thought than I have already put in.

All comparisons aside, I really loved this book. I'm so glad I picked up this series this year. A little late on the Kawaga train, I'm just so glad for books like this. It was fun, deep, powerful, and romantic. It wasn't without loss, but gave us the happy ending that Meghan and Ash deserved. I am not ashamed to say I teared up a few times while reading.

I'm a little apprehensive, but ultimately excited for the spin-off series, The Lost Prince. It's already ordered should come soon. I am not expecting a continuation, but rather a completely different story in the same setting and with Fey. I'm also looking forward to reading her vampire books too.

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  1. I have to read this! Everyone loves it, so I need to give it a go. Really glad you enjoyed it. Great review! :)

  2. I need to read this series so bad. I love Julie's writing.

  3. Sounds interesting! I'm going to check out this series!


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