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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Movie Review: was it good?

Hey guys. So it's 11pm and I just got home from seeing Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. I love the Percy Jackson (PJ, for short) series; the book Sea of Monsters was short and didn't really leave an impression that equalled the other books in the series, but it was a great book for building the brotherhood of Percy and Tyson. It strengthened and developed the percabeth that we know and love :L

The first movie was a bust. :tdown I heard they fired everyone and knew that they needed this to be good. The fans were counting on it, damnit! So I'm gonna talk about the cast, and then go on about what I liked and disliked about PJ Sea of Monsters.

Really all I have to say about the casting changes is Chiron WAS Pierce Brosnen--  who, I kinda liked but he didn't give me enough of a 'hey I'm friendly but stern and a good role model for Percy...I'm tough too" Sooo, yeah. When I saw ANTHONY STEWART HEAD-- AS IN, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYERS WATCHER!! I almost peed my pants. I specifically didn't research before I saw the movie because I wanted to be surprised. Man, it was awesome. I had no idea, total geek-freak. The other awesome substitute/casting change? HERMES = NATHAN FILLION. *commence cheering* :D he was a great Hermes. The Hermes in movie I was Lame-O. Luke is all grown up, and can I just say he looked HAWT. Oooweeeee hottie hottie..and Logan Lerman as Percy looked hot as ever I liked his short hair. Annabeth's hair is blonde, where it was dark in the last movie. I can't re,e,ber for sure, but I believe in the book her hair is light-- correct? Anyways, she looked ok BUT

Here's the thing with Annabeth. In the last movie, I felt like she was kinda snobby and stand offish..which was ok in the beginning but then sucked. But in this movie, she was like BFFs with Percy. I don't remember her giving Percy THAT much affection (hardly any!) in Sea of Monsters book. Do I mind the change? Not really. It makes for good watchin' and I <3 Percabeth. What do you think?


All in all it was a great movie. I liked Chiron, Hermes, and Dionysus. What was up with Poseidon being MiA? I thought he spoke with Percy in the book, I wonder if they're gonna change the actor who played Poseidon (bc he kinda sucked! Red hair on Poseidon? Eh, no thanks!) I really hope they change Poseidon. Who do you think would make a good Poseidon? Thalia is back in the game now too! I like the new characters and I can't wait for the next movie!! :O

I thought this movie was much improved over the first...if you haven't read the books I say GO read them! Run to your library or bookstore, or amazon and nab the books bc they are friggin amazing. :e

I'd love to discuss what YOU thought of the movie? Liked it? Hated it?

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  1. I AM SO SO RELIEVED THAT YOU LIKED THIS ONE MORE! It hasn't come out in Australia yet but I will be going in a fortnight or so to the movies.

    Lovely movie review, hon! <33

    1. Yes! I really loved it. :O I did enjoy the first one too, but they did a much better job with this one.

      I can't wait to hear what you think of it, Melanie! Thanks for stopping by :P

  2. I totally need to see this movie and also read the books - people say such wonderful things :)

  3. Oh, good! Now I won't be holding my breath about another miss. The first was so far off plot and Percy was too old and Annabeth's hair wasn't right and yada yada yada.

    As it happens, I just read book four about the labyrinth and really wanted the movies to match Riordan's writing talent.

    I just got back from vacation and wanted to visit your blog anyway, but then Rafflecopter picked your name as a winner of Marc Johnson's Catalyst: Passage of Hellsfire, so congrats! I'll send an email too but thought this way would be so much more fun to tell you.

    1. Oh, awesome!! :party thnx so much Sher! Yes they got Annabeths hair right in this one. Her personality is a lot different too

  4. Great review! I'm glad to hear you liked this one to. I haven't read the books, but I know I probably should at some point. Regardless, loved Fillion as Hermes and I think everyone did a pretty good job in their roles. :)

  5. Personally I cringe watching this movie cos reaaaally the movie plot is so far off the book. I mean Kronos rising in the second movie....? But anyway Hermes was good and Luke was pretty good too but seriously they have to follow the plot line more otherwise I say don't even bother making another movie sorry.


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