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Book Review: Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis

Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis

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Kat, Incorrigible was a really fun read. I picked it up because I was feeling a little bogged down by the books I had to read and review and I needed a reprieve. It definitely provided that.

This middle-grade story is about Kat, a girl living in Regency England. She lives with her two sisters (who are always scolding her), her Papa and Stepmama, and her brother Charles who has gambled their family to near ruin. Kat's mother passed away when she was so young she doesn't remember her at all. Stepmama has removed all belongings and memory of her mother because she shamed the family by showing her witchcraft for all to see. Yup, Kat's mother was a witch.

Stepmama wants the best for the family, so she plans to marry off Kat's oldest sister Elissa to a mysterious man Sir Neville. Sir Neville's first wife died under mysterious circumstances (speculation = murder). Elissa plans to accept if he proposes, to be a martyr and save her family. She loves gothic romances and doesn't mind mirroring her life to look like one. Kat and her sister Angeline take it upon themselves to save Elissa-- through witchcraft. But how can they succeed when they don't know what they're up against?

Kat, Incorrigible is a super fun adventure filled with a big manor, curious guests, a magic mirror, secrets, and witchcraft. What's not to love?! I recommend this story for lovers of middle grade historical fantasy books. The dialogue will have you laughing out loud and Kats' antics will have you smiling and shaking your head; at the same time. I will be reading the sequel; although I'm not in too much of a hurry to do so. I'm sure next time I need a lift out of my reading slump-- I will look forward to Kat and her mischief.

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  1. This sounds magical, so glad it was a quick fun read, I added it for possible xmas gift.

  2. I have a younger friend who may just love this. I love quick, cute reads but I am not awfully definte that this would be good for me.

    Fab review, anyways, Diamond! <33


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