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Interview with Lee Wilson & Review of The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels

The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of AngelsThe Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels by Lee Wilson

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A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

It didn't take me long to finish this book. It was just one of those really well-written and full -of-action stories. We begin with Hannah Sawyer; 26 year old who took off from college due to excessive partying and finds herself wanting to go back. I have to just say how much I loved the fact that we get a narrator who is 26. I'm 26. I'm always troubled by the fact that MC's are either 19-21 or 30+... i want someone my age! so yeah, I could totally relate to Hannah. I took off for a few years before going back to college, and it was cool to see her go through that awkwardness and find her way. She goes back to college and meets a new group of friends. She meets Daniel-- (he saves her when she falls in the parking lot) he's cute but a little over confident at times. *shrugs* it definitely made me cringe a few times. And Hannah in the beginning was kinda acting a fool around Daniel. Yeah, we all do at some point-- but it was super annoying. "I can't stop kissing him-- what's wrong with me? Am I a slut?" (Not a quote, or a paraphrase .,just a gist) Then, like a chapter later all annoying-ness disappeared.

So then we find out Daniel is half-angel. The dad who left him and his mom was an angel (we don't know if he was a Dark Angel or Not). Daniel is confronted with all this crazy stuff (he bleeds white) and tells Hannah who kinda freaks, but ultimately decides to stick with her man. Her friend Erika and her bf Anthony are good friends with Hannah and Daniel. They have some supernatural elements touch them as well. Oh, I almost forgot Ms. Beeyatch AKA Natalie (the annoying bitch from hell). Yeah, I hated her. Still do! Putting her slutty hands all over Daniel. I kept saying "get away from that crazy chick Daniel!!" *sigh*

Vampires are in the mix too. This book has it's own unique mythology and I love that. It's awesome. Some things that kinda bothered me were the school dance which felt way too high school, and not enough College. The beginning had a mechanical feel but then it smoothed itself out and the majority of the book was fine. There were a few parts where I was positive a man wrote this book. Because Hannah was the narrator a lot of the time, I found myself thinking "a girl would never say/think that." But it was small stuff, and maybe I'm just being too critical. (For example, even if a girl has a good complexion she will still throw on a layer of mascara with the lip gloss for a date w/her man). Overall it didn't detach me from the great story, plot, characters, etc.

When I finished the book I felt seriously bummed that the next one wasn't within arms reach for me to read it. If it was, I'd definitely have started it immediately. It's a series I'm definitely going to be following. I recommend you read this book if you like a different spin on angles/vampires and characters who aren't so cut-and dry.

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1. Hi Lee. Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about your book The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels. How long did it take you to write this book? 

The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels took me five years. Part of that was because I’m OCD when it comes to editing, tweaking and literally sleeping on elements of the story. Another major factor was that I had to decide what would go in part one and what would go in part two. Fortunately my publisher preferred quality over quickness and was gracious with my many missed deadlines.

2. What inspired you to create a world with angels, hybrids, vampires, and dark angels? 

A Bible class as a teenager where we asked the teacher about Genesis six where half-angels (Nephilim) are mentioned. I dreamed about it several times. Those dreams and the topic fascinated me for years and over time a story developed in my head. It started out as “what if” and developed into a story. The “what if” was from my dream where a Nephilim fell in love with a human - what if half Nephilim beings were alive today? And what if one of them fell in love with a human? It wasn’t until 2008 that I decided to write it. As far as vampires, I like what other people have done with them, but I’ve had a different concept of what a vampire character is for quite a while. Mine don’t sparkle, but they’re different from the other vampires out there as well. I wanted to share that.

3. I really liked your character building. How did you create such dimensional characters like Hannah and Daniel?

Thank you Dee! To answer your question, I hate characters that are all perfect or all bad because I don’t think they’re realistic. Sometimes good people do bad things and sometimes bad people do good things. People let us down. People have issues. Sometimes we don’t follow our own advice. People change and it’s not always for the good. So I refused to follow anything “cookie cutter” for Daniel and Hannah. Much of the book and the characters came to me in dreams. Without the dreams I couldn’t have finished the book or known the rest of the story.

4. As I said in my review, Natalie really bothered me. I like when I feel emotion (negative or positive!) for a character. Did you purposely make Natalie a sympathetic bad-girl? Or did she "write herself"? 

Natalie was supposed to be a mystery and was generally supposed to be “bad.” But as you mentioned in your question, she really wrote herself. I try to feel a type of sympathy for all my characters and Natalie is based in part to someone in “real life.” But part of her character that I think is unique is that she bases everything on the fact that she’s got forever to fix her mistakes. So she takes risks. But she’s also a girl who grew up without a father figure. You could call her stubborn or perseverant. She’s many things. In my mind, I know her perhaps better than any of the other characters except for one. That means I can kind of ask her what she’s going to do next (in my head). But it doesn’t mean that I can predict what she’ll do next. Don’t worry, I’m not schizophrenic.  

5. What can we expect from the next book in the Bloodline of Angels series? When can we expect it? I know I can't wait to read the next book! 

What – The entire story so far has been building to this. Much of the foreshadowing and events will make more sense. It’s difficult to say much without giving key parts away, but I will tell you that Daniel again has to decide what he won’t do. We’ll see what Daniel’s really made of. You’ll likely hate Natalie even more (though some people like her). I wanted the major twist to come out in book one but it just couldn’t happen that way. Sorry that I’m close to the vest on this one.

When – The first two (or three) chapters of book two will be available for free in a few weeks. You can sign up to be notified of when those chapters are available AND to be registered to win a free copy of book two by going to As for when book two will be released. I’m shooting for six to eight months.

Thanks so much Lee. 

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  1. Great interview Diamond and your review has me curious about the characters and story. I love that by the end you were looking for book two:)

    1. I know, isn't that crazy how that happens!? I really loved the book though. <3


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