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Guest Post: How to write a Negative Review

Hi guys! Please welcome fellow book blogger Lucy @ Big Whale, Small Whale! She's here to share her recipe for writing the dreaded Negative Review *gasp* :brow It's something I've been struggling with, and as book bloggers we all deal with it differently but I'm always curious to know how others handle it. So please lets welcome Lucy and don't forget to check out her blog afterwards :rainbow

Haiiii whales :)
If you’re wondering why I’m calling you whale then it’s how I call my readers :3 Teehee :”) And you’re my readers today :D It’s a pleasure for me to write a guest post here :P
If you wanna check me out *well, not check me out* I mean check my blog out :O Here is the link below :) I’m from Big whale, Small whale @ xD which is an everything-blog :D :) aka I blog about everything :D mostly books :)

Okayyy, how to write a NEGATIVE book review ? :||

A quick book review 101 for you :$
So how do you define NEGATIVE ?
Negative ≠ Bad or Rude
Negative = Lacking of something to become good a.k.a need help to improve
Therefore our job is to point out the missing piece :)
Clear ? :D :D
(Such a math student, I am :? )
Word choice is massive important :)
Consider these 2 examples :P
1. Oh my god, your dress is ugly, you look so fat!
2. Hmm, I think the dress doesn’t really fit you! It makes you look puffy!
Well, did I lie at example #2? ._____.
NO or NO?
Of course NO! =))
Soooo, how to alternate your word?
♪ Using words that have the same meaning, but with a positive attitude ♪
* I know it’s kinda confusing -.- *
Lemme give you some examples :)
1. Negative: I think the plot of this book is just flat and boring!
Positive: I think the plot of the book is kinda lack of intensity! :<
2. Negative: I think the book is too obvious, it’s similar with the typical love book and it’s too predictable!
Positive: In my opinion, this book is a little mainstream so new readers would love it, but it’s time for a littlespecialness don’t you think :?
( no one can judge your definition of mainstream, true ? :D )
3. Negative :v HATE * with me, this word seems to be so harsh and disrespectful :\*
Positive: Don’t like or didn’t satisfy me *by writing this, you’re saying “you’re book is good, it’s just I need more!”*

Be polite as much as possible!
Even if it’s not a very well book, the author must have spent a lot of time and effort on it :)
Rather you’ll be honest or don’t review at all!
What you should keep in your head is this is your blog + your book review, you have the right to be true with what you feel (but don’t be mean, please please please xD )
Your personal opinion maybe different with other people and it’s OKAY!
MOST IMPORTANT: You’re doing a FAVOR to readers all around the world :) ♥
Be proud x] YAYYYY :3

Have some hope guys :) Just because one star did not shine, doesn’t mean the galaxy is not beautiful :)
Check out the other books! *if you still don’t like them then well, ._____. maybe they’re just not your type .___. *
♥ How to say something positive ?
Ex: I was a little bit sad because the book wasn’t as great as I expected. However I have a strong faith that he/she will doing great with the other books! It’s time to move on now :P
 ♥ How to say if you couldn’t finish the book ?
Ex: I didn’t finish the book, maybe it wasn’t my type. I think __________ has loads of potential and just not the right time. I’m really excited to check out other book of him/her!
♥ Give some compliments along!
Ex: I think the book is lack of a little excitement but I bet you will love how funny it is!
♥ Why didn’t you like it ? How can the author make it better ?
It’s good to know why you don’t like it, maybe the author would love to understand what is  :)
Suggestion? WHY NOT ? x]
♥ No one will like this book! It sucks!
OMG! Hell nooooo, please don’t say that .__________. PLEASE!
► P/S: It’s not that you’re being a liar, you’re just doing your job as a nice and polite book blogger :)
Once again, if you’re about to check out my blog :) Thank you :P

Hope you’ll enjoy this :D
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