Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dust Off Your Classics: Jane Eyre

This is my second update for the Dust off your Classics challenge. It has been quite a challenge to get through these classics. I did finish reading Jane Eyre; it was my first time reading it and I am happy I pushed myself to read it. I didn't love it, but i did like it! 
I am excited for the next book I'm reading; The Secret Garden. I haven't read it since I was a tween. 

3 of 5 stars :star :star :star

What I liked about Jane Eyre:
  • The beginning when Jane is a little girl was really enjoyable to read. I really felt for her! The way it was written had me feeling like I was a 5 or 6 year old. 
  • I really liked how the relationship between Jane and Mr. Rochestor progressed. It started slowly, turned into a strong friendship, and suffered some ups and downs. It was far from perfect and the nuances were very subtle at times-- making it a very believable romance. 
  • I enjoyed the cadence of the story. It had a rhythm that I liked a lot. It didn't feel too rushed or too slow, and I enjoyed reading it (for the most part). 

What I didn't like about Jane Eyre:
  • St. John Rivers really bothered me. I didn't like his attitude with Jane. His countenance was so gloomy I felt for all the girls who had to spend so much time with him. I was really glad Iane turned down his offer for marriage. It was perhaps the most unrimantic offer I've ever heard! :||
  • It kind of bothered me how BIG of a coincidence it was when Jane ran away and ended up at the exact house of her only relations. *shrug* It was too hard to believe, and I just didnt really understand why the story had to go that way. I was happy with the result; but not at the huge leap it made to get there. 
  • Another thing I didn't like was the way the narration shifted. Everything was normal and then all of a sudden I am directly addressed as "reader" It would have been easier to swallow if it would've ended like Jane was writing a novel of her life, so something like that. It was just too weird and awkward. 

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