Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme #2 Beachy Reads

The theme of this week is -What is the best "beach" read you have ever read?
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The best "beach" read I've ever read? Ok, this is kind of a toughie for me! Not for lack of beach days-- I live in Southern California, after all. I avoid the beach because of my Lupus. I'm supposed to avoid the sun. BUT I DO go to the POOL! Under an umbrella and in my apartment complex so I can always run inside if my skin catches fire. ;) So I'm just gonna change "beach read" to "pool read."

I think there are a number of elements that make a good beachside read. For instance, short stories or novellas are perfect. You finish and then get back in the water! I also think that light hearted books are better for the beach. You don't wanna be depressed or thinking deep thoughts (you could get a migraine easily in the sun!) ;) I know many ladies like to read some romantic stories by the pool...lookin' at all those men in their swim trunks...bodies all shiny from the water/sunscreen (phew, did it just get hotter in here?) :k

 Here is the best "beach" read I've ever read:

The Mermaid Chair

The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd 

What's YOUR favorite "beach" read? 8| 
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  1. That sucks that you can't go to the beach considering where you leave. Beaches in Ireland would be perfect for you as you mostly have to wear your coat while there! I like light contemp reads for the beach or maybe a chick lit. Something I can pick up and put down easily in between swims and snoozes :-)

    1. Ooh, maybe I'll have to move to Ireland! I am 1/4 Irish! ^_^ what's your favorite beach read?

  2. Loved Secret Life of Bees so I will probably love this too...thanks!

  3. I've read this one years ago and it's great. I was actually telling someone about it the other day


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