Monday, April 08, 2013

Weekend of Awesome!

This weekend was the weekend of awesome hosted by Reading In Winter! They're also hosting the Book Bingo Challenge I am doing--it's a great way to read books on your TBR, books released in 2013, series books, and rereads! Go here to see my post on book bingo Book Bingo Reading Challenge .

The "weekend of awesome" was an awesome weekend where you catch up on reading, writing, and blogging. For me, since I don't write-- I caught up on reading and blogging (including entering a ton of giveaways!)

And I'm really glad I did this because it just so happens between library books, books for review, arcs, and giveaway books I'm reading a few books at once. I don't like to do that (well, two at a time is my usual--one book requested for review, another "fun" book from my TBR/Library/etc). This weekend helped me catchup. I decided to sign up for a read-a-thon later this month, hosted by Shelf Confessions (See sidebar button for details and giveaway). 

I didn't finish anything (I know, sounds anti-climactic) BUT I did make progress with everything I'm reading. 
  • First book is The Magic Warble by Victoria Simcox! Does the cover look familiar? Probably because I'm hosting a giveaway right NOW for 3 e copies of this fantasy book for 9-12+ year olds! Is great so far. It reminds me of a mix between Narnia and Wonderland. :Rainbow Seriously. The names, feel, and even illustrations are impeccable. I'm really enjoying it. After you read this post head over to the giveaway here ---

  • I'm reading another great fantasy book called Daughter of Exile. It's a library book, which I am so happy I make time to browse and read library books because you never know what you will find! I'm really loving this book so far. It's a completely detailed and alternate world and I love the characters and names, everything! 
  • Fargoer by Petteri Hannila is the book I'm currently reading for review. It's interesting, almost like little folk tales back to back. Although the characters are the same, so it is just one story. Each story has a different theme though.
  • I know I mentioned that this weekend I caught up on blogging, which included entering giveaways. I love giveaways :e I also decided that I will host a MEGA-GIVEAWAY: for my lovely followers when I reach 200 followers/150 "likes" on facebook (whichever comes first)! I have quite a collection of gently used paperbacks and hardcovers that I've either never read (and probably never will), or have read once but won't read again! So what a better way to thank you guys for following me--than to give away a bunch of books! So please FOLLOW (anyway you like on sidebar!) and tell your friends to follow! I hope to reach 200 soon ^_^ 
  • Here are all the books I've won in Giveaways, and one is from an author (signed) for review [The Sign of the Eagle]. It's a good amount of books for just one month of giveaways, no?! 
  • That's about it for my weekend of awesome! Stay tuned for more updates on my reading challenges! Dust off your classics and Book Bingo are still going strong! I still need a book recommendation for my Book Bingo "Free" space! Leave a comment below and let me know what book YOU think I should read and why! Are you doing any book challenges or Read-A-Thons? :d
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  1. That's quite the mix there! Love readathons :). I'm doing the Dewey one on Apr 27th. And I'm doing the month long ARR one in May with Kimba. And our dust off your classics of course! Busy busy ;)

    1. Oh, cool! I just like how it pushes me to read more. :p I forgot to upload the pic of all the books I won in the giveaway! (check it out now, I just did) Isn't that crazy? It's super addicting though....I want to keep entering more so I can win more! And I decided I'm going to do a mega giveaway when I reach 200 followers/ or 150 likes on facebook. I also am going to put aside some classics to give away at the end of our challenge! (Even if they just go to Ralph, that's ok ;) We may get more ppl to join that way.

      Happy Reading, Trish! <3

  2. At least you made some progress! That's the whole point of the Weekend of Awesome. :)

    I think I might do the Bout of Books readathon, but I'm not sure yet! It's not until May, so I have time to think about it. :)

    1. Cool :ice hehe I am making progress (slowly, but surely) with the Book Bingo. The only thing is, I still haven't gotten a good recommendation of a book for the Free space! Can I ask for a recommendation from my Goodreads friends? Or, does it have to be a fellow blogger/someone doing the Book Bingo challenge?

      I have a lot of re-reads to do yet, I think those may be harder to find than the 2013. I have a surprising amount of ARCs to catch up on via Netgalley ^_^

      Thanks Kristilynn, and keep in touch :h

  3. The Magic Warble is a really good Middle School book. :)

    1. Yea it is! I thought it was more YA-- which, it is..,but emphasis on Y. ;) hehe thanks for stopping by, Jennifer! :h

  4. Might have to read Daughter of Exile. Sounds like the kind of book I might enjoy :)

    - Camilla

    1. You totally should! I bet your library has it :D I hope to finish it soon and write a review


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