Friday, April 12, 2013

Stacking the Shelves [01]

Hi guys. Today's Friends of the Library book sale went great! I got an entire box full of books (for 8$, I might add)! It's amazing. I'm exhausted, but I wanted to share what I got with you guys; especially because this week I got some books in giveaways and one for review (yes, the review list is still open but I'm still taking a 3 month break to catch up). I figured it'd be a great time to do my first Stacking the Shelves post! It's a weekly meme (very popular in the book blogosphere) hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Click the picture to be directed to her post. I get so excited when I get new books, and this week I got a LOT of them! I may have to make this a bi-weekly meme, depending on how many more books keep coming into my loving arms, :D

Books I WON >.< 

Saga of the Setti 1&2--Rising and Resistance
[see Fridays post for deets]

Books I received to REVIEW :star

Everville: The First Pillar by Roy Huff (ebook)

[see Fridays post for deets] 

Books I BOUGHT :e 

Ummm, yeah. So listing these would take forever. 
I'm exhausted from hauling boxes of books everywhere. I added them all on Goodreads today..if you're curious ;) (follow me on goodreads upper icon on the sidebar at the top). What books have you gotten this week? Have you read any of the ones I've shown above? :h
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