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#TakeControlRAT Challenge: Oldest Book in Your TBR Pile

#TakeControlRAT Challenge: Oldest Book in Your TBR Pile

Take Control Read-a-thon

Challenge: Go through your TBR pile and find the oldest book you haven't read. 
Tell us why you bought it. Why you haven't read it. Read the first chapter. Tells us what you think or give a summary. Share a quote.

Here is mine:

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations

Published: September 1, 1860 [my copy 1963 Signet Classic]
Purchased: Sometime in 2011-- added TBR list in September 2012 
Why I bought it:
 I committed myself to rebuilding my "lost" vast collection of books. In doing so, I aimed to read all the classic, 
"Must reads". (Oh, and I read somewhere that it inspired my favorite Anne Rice books, which intrigued me). This was at the top of the list and when I saw it at my University book store for 1$, I snatched it up!
Why I haven't read it: 
Ok, here's the thing. This is one of those books that I really want to read. It drives me crazy that I haven't read it! However, I think the reason this got pushed aside is because it's not just one book, it's soooo many great classics that I intent to read but feel I will never be able to read them all! They're sitting on my shelf calling me. I do read classics as often as I can. Believe it or not, I've always tried to read as many classics as possible. How this one slipped through the cracks is weird! 
First chapter thoughts: 
We are introduced to Pip, who is at the graveyard looking at his parents graves and those of his brothers who died young. Pip never knew his parents, and explains his visualization of them was based entirely upon their tombstones. He lives with his sister, as he's orphaned.,then a strang man with an iron leg appears and threatens pip into giving him "a file and whittles" the next day and not to tell anyone he saw him or his partner, a young man, would kill him and eat his liver. He Scared Pip to death and then Pip ran home! 
"My first most vivid impression of the identity of things seems to me to have been gained on a memorable afternoon towards evening at such a time I found out for certain that this bleak place overgrown with nettles was the churchyard....growing afraid of it all and beginning to cry was Pip." Not a great quote perhaps, but the first chapter was only a few pages!

One Random Participant will win an eBook of 
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valued at up to 10.00 US dollars.
*only participants of the Take Control RAT are eligible to win*
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(aka Dee) has loved reading for as long as she can remember. She loves many things: fantasy novels, young adult fiction, her cat, painting, and horror films from the 70s. Diamond is a grad student at UCLA. She's pursuing a Master's in Library and Information Science.


  1. I have seen the film but haven't read the book either. Like your goal of reading classics, I'm trying to do that too and aim to read one every month.

    BookishTrish from Between the Lines

    1. That's a good idea. That would be an excellent reading challenge idea. Read a classic every other month, sort of thing. I wonder if there's a challenge like that out there we could join, or perhaps we could make one!?? :)

    2. Hi Diamond, there actually is a GoodReads Group for this, I have joined and its good fun as they do podcasts about the books too. Will you send you an invite on there, come join in :)

  2. I loved this book and admire your attempt to read more classics. What if you throw away the whole concept of reading them all and simply decide to read one every other month. Don't place an order to them, and perhaps set your goal on one chapter a night regardless of whatever else you are reading. Good luck Diamond and thanks for playing!

    1. Kimba, (is that what I should call you?) Your idea is brilliant. Idk why I've never thought of it before! One classic every other month sounds totally doable! I mentioned to Trish perhaps we can start a challenge to accomplish that!? Ive never started a challenge before tho so idk how. Or perhaps there is one already we can join?I feel like there are many similar bookworms out there who have classics they're aching to read too.
      I think if I read one classic, 1 chp a night, even When im Reading other stuff it won't be so daunting. Thanks!

  3. My husband, a computer engineer, swears that this is one of the only classics worth reading. With a degree in English lit, I've never read it. It's a thing between us. ;)

    1. Haha, totally! I felt like this admission would have fellow bookworms tearing me apart, but it's been the opposite, so many are in the same boat! I think I'm gonna keep reading it, like Kimba said-- 1 chapter a night, and try to finish it in 2 months, so I can keep reading other books too. I want to read The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton and The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Sense and Sensibility (oh my, the list is long of classics I need to read!)

  4. You are braver than I am... But what a good idea lol

    1. Haha. Me and a fellow book blogger are currently creating a "classics challenge" so we can read those classics that have been collecting dust! Stay tuned for details, you should def. join! It's gonna be one classic every other month, so there's not too much pressure and you can continue with your current reading list.

      Is there a blog I can follow you on Renee? :)

  5. Hey!
    Thank you for the follow :)
    But oh gosh, going back and looking at the oldest book in my TBR pile? I'm not sure I dare to do so, haha.

    1. Hi Camilla!

      haha, I know, seems pretty daunting doesn't it? Most of my oldest books are "classics" that I have been wanting to read forever. So I decided to make a reading challenge to accomplish just that. Stay tuned for details.

      Oh, and I hope to see more delicious recipes on your blog!!



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