Thursday, March 21, 2013

Smileys make blogging more fun!

Hi everyone!

Since I love getting comments from you all I decided to make things more colorful and fun by adding smileys to my blog! All you have to do is make sure there's a space BEFORE the smiley. Here's the list so you know all of them. Doesn't it just make you wanna post a comment? I'd love to hear about what book you're currently reading! Post a comment below :O

:) smile :)
:D laugh :D
:O lol :O
:r rotfl :r
:( sad :(
;) wink ;)
:P tongue :P
:| straight :|
:$ blush :$
:k kiss :k
:@ angry :@
:L love :L

:v devil :v
:d daydream :d
:f sweat :f
:c cry :c
:o wow :o
:~ sick :~
8| nerd 8|
8) cool 8)
:b bow :b
:e dance :e
:i inverted :i
:h hug :h

:/ confused :/
xD laugh xD
^_^ smile ^_^
o_O stunned o_O
:vD muahaha :vD
:|| straight :||
xP dead xP
>.< frustrated >.<
:et et! :et
\m/ rock on \m/
<3 heart <3
:angel angel :angel
:brow raise brow :brow
:party party :party
:fire on fire :fire
:ice frozen :ice
:tone musical note :tone
:rainbow rainbow :rainbow

:tup thumbs up :tup
:tdown thumbs down :tdown
:star star :star
:robot robot :robot
:kitten kitten :kitten
:mj MJ :mj

Have a smiley day!! :star :)

PS: these wonderful smileys were provided to me by Eternal Thinker. [See the button on the side bar!]
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