Saturday, April 07, 2018

Calling all followers...!

Hello my beloved followers,

I am reaching out with this post as a desperate blogger in need of your assistance!

As you know, I have happily birthed and raised this blog since its infancy in 2014. These four years, and all that has come from this wonderful blog are not something I want to give up! After all, did I give up when I was in grad school and had no time for blogging?! No!

So now I am faced with the truth: the blog has been slowly dying for awhile now and is on its last legs *cries*

To survive, the blog needs to change and evolve! To do that, I need assistance with content and design, and I actually feel like expanding upon the main theme of the blog itself.

Of course it will remain a book blog, but I'd like to speak to more of what I am all about these days. Things have varied drastically over the years, more so in this past year as far as my reading tastes (they have changed a lot), and the things I like to discuss on here.

Nonfiction books, books centered on spirituality and esoteric thought are already making an appearance on here (organically). However, I really feel I need assistance with the content, and I need assistance with the design.

So here is where YOU come in: 100% of you who follow me, if you are reading this (you are!) please comment on this post:

Let me know if you:

  • Wish to assist with creating original content on a fresh re-branding of Diamond's Reads
  • Have any recommendations for how to find individuals who are open to assisting with content and being a presence on the blog
  • Have any recommendations for designers who can do a blog design relatively straightforward and low cost (my budget is very low, but I know what I want/can make a simple template work well but I need help no time to do it myself)
  • Any input regarding content and changing direction of a blog
I know many of you are bloggers yourself, so I really need all the feedback I can get! 

Please just take a moment and write me something -- anything! Web design templates, designer recommendations, content recommendations, etc!

I will randomly select a commenter to win a book from my collection (very vast collection)!

Thank you my darlings! I really appreciate your help :)
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