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Excerpt: Twin Flames Rising - The Book of Angels by Maya El, activist and author

Today I am sharing an excerpt from an indie book I am very excited about! I am excited for two reasons; one, it's been awhile since I have gotten to share a really good and exciting indie story with you all. secondly, the subject of the fictional story has to do with Twin Flames! 
The concept of twin flames is something that has captured my imagination since I was a small child. I remember my father teaching me about ascension and twin flames, soulmates, and karmic partners when I was just a girl. I dreamed of my twin flame as a child, somehow knowing he was in California and that my life would take me back there. That is another story, though. Perhaps for another time...
For today, please enjoy this excerpt and if you like, comment with your thoughts or musings! Here are some non-affiliate links: def check out the book trailer, as well as the books' Amazon, Goodreads and the authors' Facebook page

Sending you all love and light~~Diamond


“In two and a half years, more than three hundred and fifty black men and women have been reported to be killed by police,” Carson preached. “That’s just the number of deaths that have been reported.”
The crowd loved my husband. The camera loved him. Chicago loved him. But I couldn’t have hated him more.
Daddy had been part of a movement to make our lives better and it almost cost him his.
Malika came back up with coffee and donuts. We sat silent together while she ate, each of us trying to come to terms in our own way with what had happened.
I couldn’t stop thinking about the Planned Parenthood clinic and how strange it was for Carson to have been involved. The citizens of Chicago were so on edge from the violence and police brutality that riots often broke out over public opinion, and I was worried.
I snapped out of my dream to find Carson’s hands around my shoulders, holding me above the bed and shaking me awake. He held me with one hand and slapped me lightly across the face.
I’d learned to pick my battles with him and keep my distance…I wondered if the blood on his shirt from his steak dinner had been to cover up lipstick or a wine stain. I stood in the shower until the water ran tepid, questioning who Carson really was.
“The problem with those with the ‘ghetto mentality’ is simple: It’s a culture of learned helplessness. They believe there’s no point in trying to achieve something greater in life because they won’t get it anyway. I see countless kids who reject learning, who reject intellect. They need to get off their asses and get jobs. Then they need to quit making all those babies.” Carson laughed as he summed up his view of the problems with black culture, and Rebecca laughed right along with him.
And just like that, Tameka and I were in the worst place we could be: handcuffed to a bench in police custody where they could do anything they wanted.

“Tariq,” I said into the phone. “I’m at the police station.” “Again? What happen this time?” I started to cry. “Please come.”
‘“Miss Nathalie, my spirit guides suggest I do a Twin Flame reading. A Twin Flame is a twin soul. They will represent your greatest friend, lover, or teacher in this life. Before birth, your single soul split into two halves. There are masculine energy twins and there are feminine energy twins. Twin Flames have been given a high order by God, the Creator, however you refer to him/her.”
“In the wake of so much tragedy, I met the man who represented the other half of my soul.”
He stood outside the front door, two dogs kneeling by his feet. In the darkness of the night I couldn’t see his face, but I knew to go to him. As I ascended the steps of the porch, I smelled the sweet smell of coconut on his skin.
When Twin Flames first see each other, there is instant recognition on a soul level. They have a very intense connection that starts spiritually and filters downward to become an intense physical desire for one another.


Maya El

Maya El was born and raised in Chicago, IL, the daughter of a political activist father.

She has witnessed firsthand the racial profiling of her brother and sons by law enforcement, as well as abuse and neglect around her in the African American community.

She has marched with civil rights activists and done her best to raise her sons in a safe, inclusive environment that allows them to be men based on who they are instead of judged by their color.

Her father raised awareness of racial profiling of young men of color in the 1990s. He was good friends with Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, men involved with the Black Panther Party. El remembers the day Hampton was killed, and the deep impact it had on her family and her community.

El is a registered nurse, the mother of four, and grandmother of one. She now lives in the south with her Twin Flame.


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