Sunday, June 12, 2016

Authors I Want To

Lately I've been trying to read outside of my comfort zone. I'm experimenting with different authors, genres, point of views and LGBT books. Recently I've read quite a few gems that have a place in my heart. Although these book's authors haven't written many books, I definitely feel like I would buy anything they wrote. I don't have many but these are my top four! 

1. Joe Hill


If you haven't been following me around Twitter and Instagram, you wouldn't know how obsessed I am with Hill's recent release, The Fireman. Take into account that I'm only 134 pages in but I'm so obsessed with this book that it's not even funny anymore. So obsessed in fact, I would rather be reading that book than studying for my regents on Tuesday. If I'm not mistaken, Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King. I actually just found that out, and I can see the parallels. Joe Hill's writing is scary, spine-tingling and cringe-worthy. Every single line has captured me with its eloquent detail, strong female protagonist and even some snark!! I just need more *goes to Amazon and buys all of his books*

2. Nicola Yoon

Everything Everything was an okay read for me but the ending of that book really made me want to discover more of Nicola's writing. That book ended on a bang and it makes me wonder what other surprises she has in store for her readers. I was very satisfied after reading it, and I think it was a really fun read because of all the drawings and handwritten excerpts in it.

I found out that her new novel, The Sun Is Also a Star, releases in November! IN NOVEMBER! My patience level is not that high. Regardless, it's worth the wait because early reviewers have been praising it nonstop and say it's better than her first novel.

3. Holly Jennings

Arena is Holly Jenning's first novel, but it was enough to convince me that I would pick up everything she's yet to write. I wrote a written review for this one, you can find it here! Arena was the perfect mix of Ready Player One and a Jennifer L. Armentrout NA romance. The characters are beyond snarky and the story's got a mind of its own. I really can't hype up this book enough, and I'm kind of freaking out because I see that Jenning plans on writing a second book for these characters. 

4. Eric Lindstrom

I think the highlight of Eric Lindstrom's talent would be his ability to create relatable characters. Not If I See You First took home first prize as my top favorite of 2015. That's right! It follows a blind girl named Parker, as she's trying to navigate her way through high school and boy problems. Although blind, the main character really is a gem. You will find that Parker Grant is strong-willed, and she doesn't need eyes to see right through a person. We need more characters like Parker Grant, who don't let their disabilities get in the way of anything! 

Who are some authors you need to read more of?

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  1. I haven't read any of these and they all look interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    An author I'd like to read more of is Alicia Kobishop. I really enjoyed her Fine Line novel and would love to read more stories from her :)


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