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Are Book Bloggers Underestimated? | Let's Discuss

Inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury who just did a post called What Does A Book Blogger Actually Do?. I think book bloggers are underestimated. People are so oblivious to the fact that we do more than just 'read books' and write about them. Heck to the no. I think it's time to set the record straight. If you have friends or family that underestimate you, show them this post. Better yet, show them Cait's post because she was way more articulate lol!

What is a book blogger?

Simply stated, we are a book-pushing, novel-reading, junk food-eating, review-writing, money-spending, twitter-tweeting, instagram-posting and book-hoarding species. 
We are a step up from the ordinary book lover because we've taken our passion and turned it into something that actually benefits the authors and publishers. We're doing more than just buying the book and cherishing it. We're helping them sell it. We don't just talk about books. We ultimately put you under our control with our effective brainwashing. Trust me, by the end of reading our reviews you'll be on your way to the bookstore. In all seriousness, though we're the reader's connection to the inside scoop on what's new and to authors and publishers. I guess you could say we're like the bookish version of ABC News. 

Why we dominate?

1. We jeopardize our health for the sake of reviewing

This might not apply to all book bloggers, but I'm sure it applies to most. I sleep at 2 am almost every night because I need to get in my two hours of reading. I usually finish schoolwork and studying at around 12 am, which leaves me two hours to read (most of the time till I fall asleep). Sleeping at 2-4 am in the morning isn't at all healthy! I know you're going to say that it's our choice, it's our life. We're the dumb ones for staying up to read, right? NOPE. Newsflash, bloggers are some of the most dedicated people I know. Sure, we procrastinate and have to pull all-nighters to finish review books. It's the 21st century. Who doesn't procrastinate nowadays?

2. We're the bravest people I know

If you think posting your opinion to the public is easy, think again. What, did you think it was easy for Martin Luther to say his 'I Have A Dream' speech? Did you think it was easy for Donald Trump to say he wants to make 'America great again'? NOOO IT WASN'T. So how easy do you think it is to say that you hate Harry Potter in a world full of Potterheads? Make sure you have a bomb shelter on hand because you're going to need it! Listen, the matter of the fact is that everyday we put our reputation (and sanity, may I add) on the line to post our true opinions on the books that we read. Now whether those opinions are aligned with what everybody else in the world thinks is not something we can control. I think book bloggers are so brave for dealing with the eggs that are thrown at them when they announce that they don't like a certain book, character, or author. Give us the credit, jeez. We're voicing our opinions so you don't have to.

3. We're more social than the cheerleaders in High School Musical

You think just because we're readers we curl up into a corner and read all the time? GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER. Our following on Twitter or Instagram surpasses that of the ordinary cheerleader. We go to book events like 2 times a week because our local bookstore/library is the bomb diggity and has a lot of author appearances. If you're gonna mess with us, we have a whole army of book bloggers with books at hand to throw at you. Yeah, sticks and stones may not break your bones but these books and words will end you. And what's even worse... books are flammable *gives an evil grin*

4. Because we read books so many books, we've learned a thing or two about vocabulary

Our use of vocabulary is so eloquent and sophisticated that we'd probably be able to beat Meghan Trainor in a rap battle. Instead of happy, we'll use jolly. Thinking about using the word sad? NOPE. Melancholy will do the job. We're like so totally walking dictionaries. 

5. We get buff from lifting books

Do you know how many times I've had to move the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas just for the sake of a Bookstagram picture? Let's take into account that the ToG series is on my top shelf. I don't even want to know how many hardbacks I've had to move when I was rearranging my shelves. Too many to count. Oh, I feel for those who have more than four shelves. 

I guess that's really all for now but the list could go on for miles. The point is we're not just book bloggers. We're now a huge part of this book industry, and we're instrumental in helping a book receive publicity. If you've been underestimated before, show that person this post and never again will you have to suffer the mocking of your fellow peers. #BookBloggerWorldDomination 

Let me know some reasons you think book bloggers are underestimated!

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