Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Book Club | Readers of the Round Table

G'day all. A couple of other bookstagrammers and I have banded together to create a book club. This is not your ordinary book club. We're a group of girls who strive to bringing the best reading experiences and fun games and activities. 

The Readers of the Round Table 

At the end of every month we'll be posting polls on both Goodreads and Instagram and it's up to you guys (the readers) to choose which book will be read. When the time for reading is here, we'll be posting games and trivia quizzes for the book that will give you the chance to win fun prizes and shoutouts. Now before we get into the details and contact info, let's meet the knight-ets in shining armor.

Note: The January Poll will be put up before the end of December! 

Me (Alexandria) | @thebooksbuzz

Batool @minimalistbooks

Haya @hayaisreading

And lastly the one who started it all...

Gracie @weasleyswizardreads

Follow us on Instagram for beautiful bookish pictures and to participate in the poll for January's book of the month. 

Book club info: 

Instagram: @readersoftheroundtable
Goodreads group:
Hashtag: #readaroundthetable 

I hope you guys can join ur club because we're all really excited to interact and meet others who love reading as well. Also talking about books is the highlight of our days! 

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