Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reading the Mortal Instruments Series Impressions

I'm going to hide behind the covers of my blanket so I don't feel the glares and sideways glances of those who might be upset that I haven't started this series yet. I don't think a blanket will stop anything from penetrating through but it's all I've got at 1 in the morning. So I'm starting the Mortal Instruments series *pops balloon and toots horn* Yippee.. Unlike most people who would be venturing on a 6 (or 7?) book series, believe it or not, I'm ecstatic. No sarcasticness there. Is that even a word lol? Okay so I have some first impressions and thoughts that I'm thinking and would love to know what you guys thing. 

First Impressions

Like most book to movie adaptations, the directors don't directly mirror the book, but rather take the story and idea of the author and turn it into something people can watch on the screen. Having that concept in mind, I expected the book City of Bones to be nothing like the movie. I know *tsk, tsk* I saw the movie before the book, but hey we can't all have the patience to read a 500 page book when there is a movie already out. 

I am expecting the characters to be described a little more differently although I know that the casting of the movie was done already and I have a clear image of what they look like. I should at least get a new picture started in my head so I don't think of the entire movie when I read the book.

Ladies, this is for you!
Lastly, I'm expecting to love the book even more than I love the movie, because guys don't get me wrong, I loved the movie but I know the book is going to be filled with more mythology and history about the Shadowhunters!

I know that this was a short post but it's just something to get the gears in your brain turning. That's all I have for today but make sure to tune back in everyday because there are new posts. Oh and for those who were wondering where Diamond is, she's in the process of moving into a new home, which is sooooo exciting, but she's going to need all the time she can get. So... I guess you're all stuck with me :D 

WHO else misses Diamond??

Have you read the ENTIRE Mortal Instruments series yet? 

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  1. Gah! I really hope you enjoy this series (it's six books, just FYI)!!!! And yes, you are right - the movie is very, very, very different to the books. I have refused to watch it because not a single person I know that has seen it said it was good. The fans HATED it. And boy oh boy is the casting terribly, terribly wrong, The guy that place Jace is so many levels of wrong it just makes me sad... but happy reading and I hope to hear your thoughts soon!

    P.S. All the best with the move, Diamond! <3

    1. Oh yes I remember 7 books is Harry Potter! Really? Maybe I haven't finished the book so that's why I think the Jace that was cast is awesome. He's cute too!

      Diamond would def appreciate that :D <3 Thanks Rach



    i mss yous too. <3 <3 <3


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