Saturday, June 20, 2015

I have some #BooksForTrade!!

Updated: July 2

I did the best I could with the pictures. Believe it or not, this was a massive undertaking. There is overlap, I apologize. If the quality isn't the best, I apologize but I used the best and did the best I could. Fingers crossed you guys find some you need / want!! :e 
[also, i mentioned buying as an option but of course this does NOT include ARCs! only finished copies of books ;) ]

^^The graphic novels for trade^^ Charmed Vol. 1 + 2 // Artifacts Vol 2, 
[Note: if you want the poster you will have to pay for the packaging (3$), but message me we can work something out.]

Sorry 4 poor quality: Diana Gabaldon books: Drums of Autumn / Dragonfly in Amber

Unfamiliar with Book Trading? 
IF you want one of my brand new books up for trade, say, Across A Star Swept Sea? Then I would want a similar year release off your shelf. Or, since mine is new I'd take a used one you have if it was newer, or I really wanted it. Basically, to be equal I go by the Quality (if it's signed it is more valuable imo) and the Release Date / Popularity (unfortuntaely if only 12 people have read it on goodreads and you want a bestseller that is new off my list, I am going to decline the trade OR you coudl offer me 2 books for the 1 new, never read, bestselling amazing book you want.)  Most likely that is all common knowledge to you book savvy traders out there! If you see a book that looks very worn (like Percy Jackson 3, 4) or is old like Harry Potter I would be willing to throw it in with another book you want for perhaps a book that is newer release date. So I am willing to trade 2 for 1 in those cases as well (but I have to really want the book haha). 

*The List of Books I Wish For*

Goodreads Wishlist:

Want to see some of these books for trade on Goodreads? 

Trade-Swap ARC shelf: NOT all r ARCs! :P

Please let me know if you are interested in trading for any of these books! Or buying them and funding my move to graduate school at UCLA which is happening August 7th! So you have until then to trade and barter with me GO GO GO! 
Email me, (see email in the Contact Page right below header. Or tweet me / DM me on Twitter @DiamondCronen (pics also on twitter).

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  1. Ooh best of luck trading, girl! Ooh you're trading that Red Queen poster? I would but I don't have any posters I'm willing to let go of ahahaha.

    1. Thanks! Lol and no worries, I would trade it for a book too! But I know you live far in AUS and shipping is high so yeah :c

  2. I need to get on this #booksfortrade bandwagon. I always have too many books. And seriously, I take a break from Twitter for a couple months and come back and there's this whole new trading thing. Amazing!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. LOL :h I know right!!?I love it tho. Im gonna ride this trading wave as long as I can as it is a perfect time for me to clean house! I have way too many hardcovers and eventually want to convert most of them to paperback or just get rid f them but so many are like brand new and I love that they can go to fellow book lovers homes where i know they will be taken care of and read and maybe even traded or recycled again lol ;) you should definitely get in on it Jen if you are thinking to! :tup


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