Monday, February 23, 2015

Stereotypes about Book Lovers


People will forever and on be categorized based on their likes and their personalities. Lately I've been finding myself get more into the "Book Lovers" category! But it's actually not a title to me, it's more of a passion. Nonetheless these are just a few things people tend to think when you tell them, "Ohh I love reading books" or "I'm not going next Saturday because I need to finish this book!" I got some of these sources off of Buzzfeed, as it's the article that inspired me to write this post! 


1. If you like books, you have no social life 
People tend to think that if you read books, you have no social life. Okay it might be true that if I was invited to this party I would say no just to finish this awesome book I've been reading at home. It sounds kind of selfish but really it's my decision. I'm also not anti-social. I have friends (at least I think I do), I get out a lot, and I have basically all the social media apps downloaded on my phone. So what will qualify me as antisocial? 

2. If you like books, you wear glasses
Most to all readers do wear reading glasses. Let's admit that eyesight is getting pretty bad these days and I'm one to talk since I have 3 pairs of glasses and I can hardly see out of any of them. But people always come up to me asking me, "Heyy where are your glasses?" "Can I try on your glasses?" Not all book-lovers or readers wear glasses!! 

3. If you like books, you are a nerd 
People think that just because you read so many books, you are definitely a nerd!! It's because they don't read books and they consider themselves cool, well at least cooler than you. This is probably one of the worst stereotypes ever.. I remember being called a nerd when I often told people how much I liked books. It's crazy, this world. 

4. If you like books, you're obnoxiously and annoyingly opinionated about books 
NOOOOOOO NOOO Please don't think everyone that reads is obnoxiously and annoying opinionated. It kills me when people don't want to be my friend because they're afraid they might badmouth my favorite book. I personally have no mind for when that happens. I honestly let it go *starts singing* because EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION! 

5. If you like books, you've probably read all of the Harry Potter series
I love to read but because of that everyone thinks I've read the Harry Potter series. I'm sorry to say this guys (don't hate me) but I've never read the Harry Potter series before! And don't worry before you come at me with pitchforks and such, I'm going to read it this month *cheers*. But yeah for everyone's sake not everyone has read the Harry Potter series!!! 

So what am I missing out on? Any big stereotypes that you would like to share, doesn't matter if it's personal or not, just go ahead and share it in the comments. 

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