Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Casting: Exquisite Captive by @Heather Demetrios

So I just finished a Exquisite Captive. It's caused SO many different feelings and thoughts that it's taking me a bit to digest how I can review it (and include all my reactions). I really liked it. There were parts though that were very difficult (I'll expand in my review) and while I'm trying to reflect I couldn't help googling pictures to find matching faces for the characters.


....Um, because I have no free time and while I should be writing my statement, I'm doing this. Don't judge me. I'm stressed. Hence the pre-review post where I show you all the cool pics I found that remind me of these characters ;) [oh and btw if you click on the image it'll take you to the site where I found it.]

BY: Heather Demetrios
My casting of this book..


 a jinni with powers. a traumatic past and present. 
an emotionally abusive master. Last Ghan Aisouri alive.


Master of Nahlia. Doesn't age. Wealthy and unscrupulous. Always wears a suit.
(He may be handsome, but he's an A$$hole..) 


Free. Leader of jinni Rebellion.
Focused on his goal, but needs something from


Nahlia's only friend. Artist and green-eyed jinni.

I JUST REALIZED I DIDNT CAST RAIF's sister!? Ahh ok Heres the picture I had for her.


Have you read the book? What do you think of my casting? Comment below with your thoughts!


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