Wednesday, November 19, 2014

20 things you might not know about me [Tag]

I was tagged by the gorgeous Jess @ My Reading Dress

I'm an Aquarius

I have many Aquarian traits; I was born on the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius.  Independent, eccentric, idealistic, quirky, rebellious, and intelligent are some Aquarian traits.[If you believe in that sort of thing, which, I do!]

I'm 1/2 Persian (Iranian)

the rest is a mix of Irish, French, Scottish, German, etc. My mother was born in Iran and moved here when she was 27 years old.

I speak Farsi 

I learned as a baby (even before English!), forgot when I moved away, then had to reteach myself at 18. I took a course at my University and learned the basics of reading and writing, which helped my speaking skills a lot! I'm actually quite proud of it. :$

I'm left-handed

It's true what they say that left handers are a bit "off" haha ;)

I love to paint in my free time

My favorite movies are old horror B-movies

If Vincent Price and Robert E. Lee are involved, count me in. I grew up watching them with my dad and haven't kicked the habit yet. 

My favorite vacation was when I traveled to Paris

I wish I could live there. I was 20 and stayed for ten days. I was celebrating my golden birthday, and it was the most magical experience! :star

I secretly love school 

...I know school, especially college isn't for everyone. I always loved school and even doing homework and studying! Which kind of explains the next thing..

I'm currently applying for graduate school

I hope to get my master's degree in Library and Information Science. There are only 2 programs in the state that are certified. The first application is due Dec 10th! No wonder I haven't been posting a lot?!!?!?! lol xD

I love smoking hookah

I smoke a hookah every night after work to de-stress. It tastes good (unlike cigarettes), doesn't have any tar or any of the really bad chemicals in cigarettes either. It's kind of a Middle Eastern thing xP 

I feel weird if my toe nails aren't painted 

I have no idea why.. It feels like I'm unfinished I can't describe it :$

My love of cartoons has grown in 

my adult years

From kid-centered to adult, my love for animation is all encompassing. Some favorites are: Samurai Jack, Scooby Doo (classic and Mystery Incorporated), The Venture Brothers, The Simpsons, Camp Lazlo, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls, and Teen Titans! :L

I grew up in Wisconsin small town called Sheboygan. (everyone laughs when I say the name). I lived there from preschool to the end of high school. Although my Wisconsin accent has faded mostly, it comes out when I say certain words!

I'm incredibly indecisive

Which leads me to the next fact...

I don't have any tattoos 

There are so many I want, I can't decide. I decide, then at the last minute think something else might be better...Le sigh :|

My cat Sasha is my best friend

She's a book lover too :P

In High School & University dream was to become a lawyer

That changed only recently!

I suffer from Lupus (SLE). 

In 2012 I ended up discovering this after being in the hospital. It took over two years to get on the right medication, during which I couldn't work and could barely function. Perhaps the most difficult time, it was the time I started this blog and the book community really helped get me through :rainbow

I drink a can of Diet Coke every day

It's my guilty pleasure. It has caffeine (which I need daily!) and just tastes so refreshing from a can! *sips* Yes I happen to be drinking one right now... lol 

Dogs just started liking me!

Seriously. They hated me most of my life (I think they latched on to my fear of them, which started with a bite from a dog while I was doing my paper route at 14. Since then I've been bitten a total of 5 times by different dogs. So when they started to like me and refrain from biting..I noticed how cute they are :k

There you have it! 20 Things you maybe didn't know about me. That was a lot harder to come up with than I would've thought.

I TAG anyone else who wants to complete this post! 
If you do, make sure you come and leave your link! I'd love to learn more about ALL of you.


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