Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's Discuss: Is your TBR planned or do you choose books spur of the moment?

Let's Discuss is a feature I created to dish about books and anything else that pops into my head. 

Today's discussion:

Is your TBR planned or do you choose books spur of the moment? 
If it's a little of both, which do you prefer?

Do you ever get sick of having a rigid TBR? 

Here's the thing I've been having trouble with lately..
I feel like I'm entering a reading freeze. :ice I have no desire to read any of the upcoming planned books on my TBR (upcoming buddy reads, eARCs, etc.). It's not exactly a reading slump because I do feel like reading, just not what I planned. 

It's not so bad with the review books, because I do have a desire to read them. It's more that the buddy reads or other reads I scheduled aren't appealing to me AT ALL. I get excited, schedule a buddy read or plan to read it..then the day comes, I open the book and...

I'm not sure if it's because my moods have become even more changeable, or maybe it's because I just have begun to hate having every book planned way ahead of time. :@

Where's the spontaneity? The surprise? The shock?

My favorite thing in the world is having absolutely nothing to read..(or reading a review book but deciding to start another book off my TBR). And then getting up, staring at my bookshelves or looking on my kindle / iPad and just picking a book randomly. The possibilities are endless, and I really just enjoy, at that moment, how many books I've acquired (won, bought, borrowed). 
I decide what genre I want: YA, MG, Adult? Then sub-genre: Fantasy? Romance? Sci-fi? adventure?
I love doing this because I often come across books way in the back if the shelf, dusty (and almost forgotten). It makes me smile to just discover what I have and curl up with my diet coke and my cat Sasha at my feet (she keeps em warm) and just...READ. 

It's bliss.

But I'm finding I do this less and less. When was the last time I even did this little ritual of mine? I can't even remember! I'm determined to change this. 
So I cancelled all my buddy reads, and upcoming planned books. I only have my review copies list planned, more or less, based on upcoming publish date.

My plan? Read like I used to. No plan, no rush, no lists. At least for the fun books that I don't have to review (unless I want to!) I already feel better and relieved.  :e

Who knows, maybe I'll never plan my book list again? ;)


Any suggestions for me? 


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