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The Voyage of Lucy P. Simmons: The Emerald Shore by Barbara Mariconda

The Voyage of Lucy P. Simmons: The Emerald Shore
by Barbara Mariconda

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Ever since I read The Voyage of Lucy P. Simmons: Lucy at Sea, I've been looking forward to this book. The end of a great middle grade series can be tricky to perfect. Especially a series such as this; with a plethora of characters, locations, and backstory. Lucy is a recently orphaned girl determined to break her family's curse.

I don't want to spoil any of the previous books in the series so I'm going to keep this review brief and somewhat vague. The book begins right where the last one left off. Lucy and her group are in search of the cursed treasure of Pirate Queen Mary Maude Lee. Only when Lucy and her Aunt Pru find the treasure and return it to its rightful owners (Marni + the remaining descendants of the Pirate Queen) will the curse be stopped. But until then, the sea keeps trying to claim Lucy, and The Grey Man comes often almost killing her numerous times.

This book has a few additional characters, who I found to be quite charming. Grady's mother is a seer, Mrs. Oonaugh and she is hilarious! She smokes her tobacco pipe, only instead of blowing O's she blows smoke in the shape of whatever prophecy is important at the time. Then there's Seamus, who makes Walter quite jealous by doting on Lucy. But can he be trusted?? The final new character is Old Peader. He's pretty grumpy, but made a good addition to the crew. Sometimes I feel like there are too many characters in this series, and I have a hard time keeping up. This may be because I never read the first book, I just jumped right in at the second. So it was hard sometimes keeping up. And certainly in the beginning it was a bit hard remembering who was who. But for the most part I kept it straight and remembered why I loved all of them. Oh, and there is a fairy in this one!! Nessa was hilarious and deviant and I loved every minute of her and the big mess she made.

I thought the author did an excellent job with Lucy. Her thought process was extremely mature and adult. I really like this. I love when middle grade books don't dumb down their characters. I felt like her maturity and inner monologues were extremely intelligent and realistic. Big props for that.

Other than that there isn't much to say about this amazing adventure novel. I thought it ended brilliantly and everything came together quite nicely. I was very surprised at the end, and found myself (twice) having to reread what happened because I could hardly believe it! I quite prefer this to the obvious endings that often occur with this type of series. I'm sad to say goodbye to Lucy. I feel there is room for a spin off series with the new school and the kids of the workhouse. Perhaps we will see more of this world from the author? One can only hope. I have to say, I really enjoyed the ride during the Voyages of Lucy P. Simmons.
I definitely recommend this series to lovers of adventure and historical fantasy. :tup

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  1. I do like the sound of this one but I'm 'off' middle grade books at the moment. If I get in the zone for one again, I'll keep this series in mind. I love when an ending is so good that you have to read it a few times. Way to end on a high note!

    1. Hey, I know what you mean! I've been in a huge MG frenzy lately, but I feel it's dying down. I'm more in a YA witch book craze now lol, but it changes. I definitely think you might like this ones with all the Irish Mythology and the locale is Ireland in this book :O

  2. Good to hear how well everything came together in this one. Its new to me so thanks for review putting it on my radar

    1. Thanks Brandi. And glad I could put it on yo radar! ;) hehe

  3. I didn't know about this series of books, but I have enjoyed reading your review :)

  4. Some Middle Grades are really good with their character descriptions. The same with romance, I love how it's often about friendship between boys and girls without more. I'm always happy when I hear the book ended brilliantly. A terrible ending can spoil a good book!

    1. I agree! I love how it focuses on friendship. In my opinion. That's what a great MG book does :O and this series definitely ended on a high note ;)


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