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The Uses of Vinyl Lettering

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Lately I've been obsessed with redecorating my room. I took everything off the walls, and decided I wanted something completely different. The problem is, I'm moving in a year. I didn't want anything permanent or difficult to remove. That's when I thought of Vinyl lettering. I thought I could use a cool book quote and incorporate all the books and bookshelves in my room ^_^ Since I loved the idea of it I decided to do more research. Then, although this isn't something I've done before on the blog, I decided to share my research with you guys! 

Guide on the Benefits and Uses of Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is an innovative methodology that assists you to give your home or office a unique makeover and provide it with a fresh appearance at cost-effective rates. In this method, designs and letters produced from vinyl are made use of. The designs come with a back that is sticky and can attach to your car surface, walls of your home or any hard surface. This type of lettering can last for a long time and can decorate your area in a nice way. It can be a great substitute for stenciling, painting and various other decorative items. There are different kinds of decals in quotes category. This type of lettering has become famous and can be found in a variety of designs, sizes and colors.

Benefits of Vinyl Letters
Vinyl Letters can provide you with a variety of benefits.
    You can place these lettering in bright and deep tones on your showroom or shop windows to announce an attractive sale offer or some other information that demands attention. You can also put your business name in these types of letters. In the last few years, Pressure-sensitive vinyl (PSV) lettering has got much advanced. Unlike earlier days, it is not as obvious. Vinyl lettering has become more user-friendly, varied and refined and makes for a warmer ambience and can be used universally.
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    High quality vinyl letters can last for over 8 years. It is weatherproof; naturally it can withstand sun, rain or dirt exposure. When you are looking for your vehicle decoration, you need to opt always for the highest quality inspirational lettering that can be found. You can easily affix these lettering on the mirrors, plates, walls, ceramic tiles and wooden blocks and signs.

    These are durable enough and you can safely use them for outdoor environs. A lot of companies use these on the rear windows of their vehicles to publicize their contact information. On the exterior surface of truck trailers, these can appear very beautiful and striking to look at! The letters can be small or huge and can publicize contact info, website address, company or brand name among other things. Company delivery autos usually display a toll-free contact number where you can call for information on deliveries. These lettering are also made of Pressure-sensitive vinyl (PSV).
    These letters are also implemented on autos, snowmobiles, fleet vehicles and toys for children. In the absence of vinyl lettering, it would be impossible to distinguish one from the other. Even the police force makes use of these letters on their squad car roofs so that helicopters can easily spot them. Vinyl letters are color-fast and washable and are devised to withstand grime and dirt of smog, snow, city traffic, rough weather conditions and harsh sunlight on an everyday basis.
    These make use of various text forms and can be extremely useful and attractive. These look painted on not stuck from a distance. In the recent days, vinyl lettering has become more beautiful and cost-effective. So, if you want to benefit from it, you can buy wall quotes here.

Where Are Vinyl Letters Used?

Vinyl letters are used in a number of areas.
    Advertisements – Ads commonly make use of vinyl letters on glossy and smooth surfaces. These can best be used on glasses. Naturally, cars, trucks and vans can be ideal billboards as the glass windscreen can showcase vinyl ads more prominently.  A lot of fast-food companies utilize vinyl letters on the windscreens on their vehicles in the form of stickers when they are kept parked on the premises of hotels and restaurants.
    Fabric Decorations – Since the 1970s, when fans of a famous television show wore shirts printed with vinyl letter quotes, the use of vinyl letters on shirts have become popular. To this day, you can find shirts being printed with vinyl letters. Vinyl letters bond easily with fabric with the assistance of heat-activated glue.
    Sportswear – The clothes of athletes are often found with vinyl letters. You must have observed the back of the shirts of your favorite players having their names or jersey numbers printed? These names are usually printed with vinyl. Such letters are designed specifically for sports garments and you may also get these done for yourself from professional firms.
    Bumper Stickers – A lot of individuals used to utilize paper stickers to showcase information about their brands or businesses. However, bumper stickers are increasingly being made from vinyl these days. Today, you may come across a lot of owners who stick bumper stickers on the doors and exists of their stores. These stickers display information about the store or health hazards and cautions to warn customers about a few things.
   Product Labels – A lot of plastic containers can also be found to come with vinyl letteringin their product labels. Lettering companies often blend vinyl with other material to stick them easily to plastic bottles.

How to Get Vinyl Letters?
You can easily buy these lettering from various craft and convenience stores. In recent days, a lot of websites also offer high quality vinyl lettering designs in a wide range. You can also get the innovative facility of customizing vinyl letters from these websites. You may purchase designs and signs as per your taste and even match them with the decorations that you have already at your home. You need to remember the background color when you are purchasing vinyl letters. You also need to purchase signs which are striking and bold and can stand out even when viewed from a long distance away. Many signs are also underlined and italicized for further beauty and to be more attention-grabbing. You can visit eBay, Amazon and other online stores to get a hang of how various vinyl letter designs look like and what types you can choose from. Vinyl letters are the perfect way to express your tastes and convey information about your company or brand. You need to select those design and fonts that go with your character and personality and does not look out of place for yourself or your company. Today, vinyl letters go beyond mere functions and have also become a thing of beauty and artistic creation. Naturally, they are used about everywhere that you look at!
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  1. These sound so cool! I didn't really know about them, and although I'm in no position to decorate anything right now, I would love to have a word wall and this seems like a cool way to do it.

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  2. I love vinyl lettering too! I've been using it for a while now and it can add so much. I also cut out vinyl butterflies that sit on a tree I painted in my girls' room and they look fabulous! :) Thanks for sharing, Dee!

  3. There are different kinds of decals in quotes category. This type of lettering has become famous and can be found in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. vinyl lettering


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