Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Never-Ending Anne Rice Challenge

Hosted by The True Book Addict. head over to join! 

Immediate Goals: 
These are the books I have to finish in order to be caught up with all of the (11 total) vampire chronicles. My main goal is to finish the 4 books below: Vampire Armand --> Blood Canticle before I start Prince Lestat. I don't have a time frame, but I'd like to read 1 Anne Rice book in what's left of 2014. I will update my goal when I reach 2015.

Re-Read Goals / Maybe: 
I may reread this, if I feel up to it. Victoria is a "maybe" because it's not part of the chronicles. I did enjoy Pandora when I read it, so I'm putting it on the maybe pile.

Ultimate Goal: 
read all the books so I can read Prince Lestat in it's chronological place

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  1. Welcome to the challenge! You're the first one to actually sign up in the linky. Yay! I'm about where you are in the Chronicles. Vampire Armand is first on my agenda, although I am thinking about a reread of Memnoch the Devil. I might host a read-a-long in October. Have to think on it. I also read Pandora and really liked it. Pandora is a favorite character. I might consider a reread of The Mayfair Witches although I didn't much care for Lasher or Taltos as much as The Witching Hour.

    1. thanks Michelle. That's funny we are both on the same book! Vampire Armand here we come ;) pandora is one of my favorites too,a side from Rowan Mayfair, that is. :P I loved all three books in the Mayfair Witches trilogy

  2. HIlarious!! I'm embarrassed to say that I have never read an Anne Rice book (hides)
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. *finds you and shoves one of her books in your hands* ;)


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