Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Never-Ending Anne Rice Challenge

Hosted by The True Book Addict. head over to join! 

Immediate Goals: 
These are the books I have to finish in order to be caught up with all of the (11 total) vampire chronicles. My main goal is to finish the 4 books below: Vampire Armand --> Blood Canticle before I start Prince Lestat. I don't have a time frame, but I'd like to read 1 Anne Rice book in what's left of 2014. I will update my goal when I reach 2015.

Re-Read Goals / Maybe: 
I may reread this, if I feel up to it. Victoria is a "maybe" because it's not part of the chronicles. I did enjoy Pandora when I read it, so I'm putting it on the maybe pile.

Ultimate Goal: 
read all the books so I can read Prince Lestat in it's chronological place

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