Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Countdown Survey

I haven't done a fun, bookish survey in too long! So I decided to join the countdown survey created by Christy @ Christy's Book Addiction. :e

10 - Books already released on your wishlist



9 - Favorite covers

8 - Not yet released books that you can't wait for 

7 - Auto buy authors: Anne Rice, P.C. Cast, Kresley Cole, Melissa de la Cruz, Josephine Angelini, Julie Kagawa, Philippa Gregory

6 - Book boyfriends: Aric from Arcana Chronicles, Lestat from Vampire Lestat, Mr. Darcy, Edward from Twilight (yes, I know...), Killian from Witches of East End, Percy Jackson :L

5 - Books you recommend the most: 


4 - Books you thought you'd like but didn't: 

3 - Books that made you cry:  

2 - Books you never plan on reading: 50 Shades of Grey, Matched

1 - Favorite genre at the moment: Middle Grade (fantasy)
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  1. LOVE The Lovely and The Lost and Goddess covers! The colors are so pretty :)

    I recommend Obsidian quite a bit myself, everyone should have a little Daemon in their lives ;)

    I've not read All that Glows yet but I've heard mixed things about it, I'm not sure if I'll pick it up. But his The Walled City sounds really good!

    1. Aren't those covers gorgeous?! Yeah, I agree that everyone does need some Daemon in their lives :k lol. I was disjointed in All That Glows, but The Walled City looks good it's on my TBR. Thanks for checking out my survey Christy!

  2. Mari (co-blogger) is going to be doing one of these soon! I have to say, I'm SO excited for The Blood of Olympus. I kind of never want to read it so I'll always look forward to it. Loveee Percy & Annabeth. I really liked Poison Princess too! I just haven't read the sequel yet...

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

    1. I know what you mean! I'm SO excited to find out what happens, but at the same time, I think part of me will die at the end bc how can there be no more PERCABETH?!
      You must read the sequel, Endless Knight. It's SO good, even better than Poison Princess! And OMG, Aric is so hot I actually prefer him to Jack :L

      I'll be sure to check out your co bloggers survey! ;) thanks

  3. OMG You love the Tudor Witch trilogy also?!? I need to read the second book asap, the first one was soooo good! And The chaos of Stars <3 SUCH a great book ... the MC annoyed me for the first bit but the story was just SOOO good!! The Distance Between Us is definitely another one that I recommend a lot as well, have you read On the Fence? It's also such a great contemporary!! You are right, we definitely have similar reading tastes ... I've followed you back :)

    1. I haven't read On the Fence yet, but I have a copy :D I hope it's as good as Distance Between Us! I need to read the sequel for Tudor witch trilogy as well :tup
      Thanks for the follow :tup

  4. Thanks for sharing..and yep I haven't read 50 Shades and don't plan too! LOL

  5. Don't worry I'd pick Edward too even though I know I should know better! ;)

    And why Matched? I'd didn't love or hate it, it was a lukewarm like but I'm curious to know why you feel so strongly about it.

    1. Haha! Matched, idk why I just am sO picky about Dystopian books. For some reason that one really put me off. I just don't think I'd ever read it! :$

  6. Oh, I can't believe I forgot about Her Dark Curiosity! I seriously need to read that book. ALSO KILLIAN! Haha, haven't read the book but I'm in love with this guy from the show. (I'm all caught up on it, so now I need to read the books). And I still need to read Heartbeat.

    -Holly :)

    1. Omg you gotta read the books! Yeah Killian is my bf :k lol. I read the first two books and loved them! I just got the third book and I can't wait to start it!!
      Thanks for stopping by Holly


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