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Book Review: The Luck Uglies by Paul Durham

The Luck UgliesThe Luck Uglies by Paul Durham
Source: eARC via Edelweiss / HarperCollins
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A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

"Mum said the fiends usually came after midnight. They'd flutter down silently from rooftops and slither unseen from the sewers under a Black Moon. Luck Uglies she'd call them, then quickly look over her shoulder to make sure they weren't listening."
-Loc 102 of eARC

I just love a good middle grade adventure story. The Luck Uglies definitely delivered that, and more. It's strange because the first chapter had me scratching head a bit. It jumped right in and I had trouble connecting the characters and what was going on, as well as a unique writing style. But, by the third chapter I was hooked. I couldn't wait to see how the story would unfold for Riley (Rye) and her friends Quinn and Folly.

Basically, the best way I can explain the goodness that is this book is this: think of a little village on the edge of a creepy forest. It's in it's own world, and has it's own legends. The townspeople have to obey the evil Longchance, he's the ruler who is supposed to "protect" them from creatures that would kill and destroy the village -- the Bog Noblins. But there are other creatures that stalk the night. Are they real? Rye and her friends are determined to find out. What are Luck Uglies? Why doesn't anyone want to say their name aloud?

I really enjoyed the fact that Rye was an independent girl.  She didn't act older than her age, or younger. She was a mature, capable, and imaginative 15 year old girl. I loved her courage and bravery, as well as her love for family and friends. She didn't shy away from responsibility or expectation, and I loved that. I also loved how unique the story felt. It didn't feel like anything I'd read before! I even developed a major crush on Harmless, the green tattooed outlaw with two knives strapped to his back... ;)

I can't recommend this book enough! If you like great adventure stories that are somewhat creepy and very imaginative -- you must read this book. 

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  1. Such a great title! This book sounds like a lot of fun. When children's books are well-written there's nothing better. I'm glad you reviewed this book; I'd never have known about it otherwise. Thanks!

    1. Ohh I'm so happy! :tup I agree, there's nothing better than a well written children's book ;)
      Thanks for stopping y Lark!

  2. I love adventure stories, but not so much creepy ones. I will give this one a try though! :D It sounds cool!

    1. Well this one definitely is creepy! But it's so creative :) if you do try it, lemme know what you think! Thanks Ana!


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