Thursday, January 09, 2014

Less Posting, More..Living?

Hey lovelies.

Lately I've been kind of in a blogging funk. Maybe it's because of the new year and being busy...I don't know. I do know I've fulfilled one of my major resolutions for 2013 (and one that I'm continuing for this new year too)--  to be more social and make more friends..oh and go on dates! :k I'm super happy and excited to be doing those things, but I realized I can't do it without neglecting my blog a bit, and it makes me feel guilty. I've been having a great time meeting new people, but it's impossible to me to blog as much as I was when my free time is full of social activities! I've also started painting again, and my friend is getting me into art-journaling. These are things I may incorporate once in awhile..or, I'm thinking to at least.

Anyway.. I thought that I'd cut down on posts for a bit and have some fun dating (some real cuties I've met, btw!). But I'm not in a reading funk. I still plan to read and review all the books I requested and ARCs I received. Just cut back on memes. I wish I hadn't signed up for so many blog tours this month.. :( also, it's my birthday month so I'm going out of town for a few days! Ahhh life is so crazy right now!

I've been having a lot of giveaways though, and I will continue to because I need to clear out my shelves and thereby cut the stress I've been feeling lately. I know I've been blogging almost a year and haven't gotten burnt out like this yet.

Are you guys mad that I'll be posting less? Any requests on posts you want to continue to see? Any advice on how to live life and blog without being glued to blogger for hours a day?

Love ya,
 Xoxox Dee <3 :="" :p="" p="">
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