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Guest Post: Are you a Cover Junkie or a Blurb Freak?

I'm excited to have as a guest blogger today the lovely book blogger Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are. She's a relatively new book blogger so lets make her feel welcome and hop over to her blog and comment/follow! If you'd like to be a guest blogger just fill out the form on the Contact Me page.

Don't judge a book by its cover

How often have we heard this phrase? This is a topic I have thought about quite few times over the past few years. Sometimes its paid off buying a book solely based on its cover, other times not. At times I'm sure I have missed out on utterly amazing books using the same concept. 

The times it has paid off for me were with books like Fallen from Lauren Kate and Tangled Tides from Karen Amanda Hooper. These books had amazing covers, I bought/requested these books based 90% on the cover and I loved the stories. 

I learnt my lesson with Windfall from Rachel Caine. It was in the book club I belonged to and every month I saw it and overlooked it. One month a colleague told me I really should try it as she thought I would like it.. she was wrong, I LOVED it! That series has become one of my all time favorites. 

I do think its tough not to 'Judge a book by it's cover' but when there are so many books out there and a TBR pile that is threatening to bury us, we cannot help it. What's worse is the TBR pile is ever growing as we read about all these amazing books on fellow blogsites, by the time I get to reading them, most times I cannot remember what they were even about. 

I have found some blurbs to be very misleading. Sometimes it does not do the story justice and other times the blurb is the most interesting part of the book. So yes, a cover is just as important as the blurb.

Discussion: What do you think? Are you a Cover Junkie or a Blurb Freak?

Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are

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  1. Oh, I totally fall for book covers still, even though I know better! Sometimes it works for me, too. :) It's no more or less reliable than a blurb, I think, because sometimes those are misleading, too.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  2. Interesting post! I would like to say I'm all about the blurbs - because those at least tell you a bit about the core of the book - but I'm all superficial :) As a rule, I only ever look a book up on Goodreads if I like the cover. I even caught myself not reading a book review because I didn't like the cover. I know, I know. It's bad. I'm sure I miss out on many amazing books because my brain works like that. But then again, as you said, it really can be misleading to read the blurb, too! SO many times a book SOUNDED amazing, but then was crap :(

  3. I totally pick books based on covers. I'm shameless in that sense, but I can tell which books are marketed to people like me. I do try to read some less attractive books as well, and a lot of that comes with the help of bloggers. I wouldn't have read Melina Marchetta for one if I hadn't heard people raving about her, and now she's one of my favourite authors. I don't feel like blurbs aren't that big of a deal, but they can help. For example, my excitement for Shadow and Bone tripled because it had a great cover and a blurb from Veronica Roth and Rick Riordan, two of my favourite authors. I was pretty happy to enjoy the book as well!

    Great post!

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

    1. Very true! When a great blurb accompanies an amazing cover.. I'm in <3!! ;)

  4. I am a cover junkie, I'm not going to read the blurb if the cover isn't attrative. \

    Fabulous post! <33

  5. I can't help it, a pretty book cover or a clever one just sucks me in every time. I don't pay too much attention to the blurb to be honest, I just glance at it but I'm more likely to check GoodReads for a friends review. But a great cover can entice me to buy without too much further checking.

    1. That is definitely true. If a cover is so spectacular, I won't even bother to look at the blurb lol! Haha :$

  6. Thank you for having me on your blog Diamond :) I agree the perfect combo is the best <3

  7. Cover junkie - I totally fell for Fallen's alluring cover!
    -Scott Reads It!

  8. Blurbs are alright, but it's the cover that grabs me. An enthusiastic rec, from a trusted friend who shares my tastes, will make me buy sight unseen, then move heaven and earth to make time to read it cover to cover. Blog interviews with excerpts can influence me, to varying degrees.

  9. I'm a complete and utter blurb freak. I base my decision to read solely on the blurb. A cover may get my attention, but I don't pick a book until I've read the blurb.


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