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ARC Graphic Novel Review: Star Trek 6: After Darkness

Star Trek Volume 6: After Darkness by Mike Johnson
Source: eARC (Netgalley/Diamond Book Dist)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars :star :star :star

Thank you to Diamond Book Distributors for providing me with a copy of this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review.

When I saw this and read the blurb I was immediately intrigued. Then when I got to the part that said this graphic novel picks up precisely where Star Trek: Into Darkness (the movie) left off -- I immediately requested it. I knew that Star Trek comics were big, but I had never read them. I grew up watching Star Trek with my parents, but when I entered adulthood I abandoned all Star Trek (unconsciously, I think). But seeinStar Trek revamped a few years ago on the big screen, I realized I loved it still. I love the new actors and actresses that played the characters everyone loves. And when I saw the most recent Star Trek movie a few months ago, I totally dug it! After finishing the movie I quickly googled to see when the next Star Trek would be released, or if it was even filming. Sadly, it wasn't fil Ming and they were searching for a new director (J.J.Abrams is on board for Star Wars). I was super bummed. After an ending that totally sets the franchise up for many more adventures and stories, to have nothing for 2-3 years is a serious disappointment.

So perhaps now you can understand why I was so excited for this graphic novel. t's like when Buffy ended and the fandom was in tears and hysterics about not having Buffy anymore. Then, the wonderful Joss Whedon announces he will be creating a graphic novel series of Buffy that will pick up exactly where the television show ended in Season 7. Buffy Season 8 was born, as was my love of graphic novels.

Star Trek Volume 6 sees the crew experiencing little adventures that were highly entertaining. All the personalities and wit oft he characters (and the actors nuances who play them) was portrayed beautifully. Down to every last "Damnit Jim", I was fully believing this was the world of Star Trek. My only criticism about this medium was some the characters lost their look/didn't look like they did in the movies. Most notably for me was Uhura-- who is played by Zoƫ Saldana. Sometimes she looked spot on, other times it looked like an ugly black man was reading her lines and kissing Spock (Zachary Quinto).

I don't want to go into too much subject content in case some of you haven't read the movie yet and don't want to know where the movie left off. Suffice it to say it was mostly one story about Spock and his need to get to his home planet to fight the effects oft his crazy behavior that is common to all Vulcans at one point in their lives. It's solved by mating, and we meet his betrothed on the new Vulcan colony.

I'd suggest reading this graphic novel if you really enjoy Star Trek, or even just liked the recent movies that have came out and freshened the franchise again. The story is perfectly entertaining without requiring you to be a Star Trek aficionado in the least bit. It doesn't spoil the movie, so go ahead and read it first if you'd like to. I'll definitely be checking out future issues to see where they'll take the adventure that is 5 years of space exploration. 

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