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Unearthly Read-a-Long: Final Discussion Day 5

This discussion will contain spoilers for Unearthly. 

OMG. >.< :tup :P :rainbow <3 i="" loved="" nbsp="" p="" unearthly.="">
It was so good! *dying*

That ending?! Whoa. Ok, I had my suspicions that Christian was an angel, I'm not gonna lie. But I wasn't sure..and I certainly didn't  guess that their purposes were intertwined like that! :O

I'm so glad Clara saved Tucker. That scene in hell with the dark angel played like a movie in my head! :o I'm curious about Clara's moms' past more than ever now.

I wonder if their purposes are to fall in love with each other? :L I don't really see that happening as Clara is in love with Tucker..The scene where she tells Christian she's in love with Tucker o_O haha. So funny. And Angela is being pretty suspicious I wonder if she's a dark angel or maybe having an affair with a full angel in Rome?!

The ending was so nice. I'm curious about Clara's power to read what others' are feeling. I wonder if it's unique to her? Or can all angel bloods do it? It seems like it may be unique to her, and what a sweet power. To see/understand what others feel would be really cool and insightful. Go, Clara. I can't wait to see what's in store for her and Christian and of course, Tucker.

Now I'm left NEEDING to read Hallowed. Like, asap. Are we doing a read a long for Hallowed? If we are I'd totally be down to participate and host/host a challenge.

Oh, and I'm posting my review tomorrow on the blog. It's up on Goodreads now if you want to see
My Review of Unearthly

Favorite Quotes:

“I’ve always envisioned hell as all hot fire and brimstone, lakes of sulfur, demons with horns and glowing eyes torturing the souls of the damned. But here the air’s so cold I can see my breath. A slimy kind of mist passes over, chilling me to the bone. I’m shivering like crazy. Mom is brighter than everything else, still in black and white but like the contrast on her has been turned way up. Her skin glows radiantly white. Her hair is inky black.”

“I get that. We didn’t ask for any of this; we were born into it. And yet we’re supposed to serve blindly, to follow rules we don’t understand, to let some larger force map out our lives and tell us who we should love and what, if anything, we should dare to dream.
In the end, when Christian and I flew away together, there were no flames below us. There was no fire chasing us. We weren’t saving each other. We weren’t in love with each other. Instead, we were changed. We were thrown for a cosmic loop. I don’t know if I’ve fallen from grace, or if I’m on some sort of Heavenly Plan B. Maybe it doesn’t matter.
One thing I do know is that we can never go back.”

Excerpt From: Hand, Cynthia. “Unearthly.” ePub Bud (www.epubbud.com), 2011-11-06. iBooks.
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