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Hunted (House of Night #5) by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Hunted (House of Night, #5)Hunted by P.C. Cast
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Hunted is the fifth book in the House of Night series. After investing so much into the characters and story; it's nice to see the story progress and take on the new element of Kalona and his children the Raven Mockers. The story adds this element of Kalona and the Raven Mockers, his children who are part Raven and part Immortal. The Cherokees bound Kalona with A-Ya a spirit who is Kalona's soulmate. A-ya also happens to have been reincarnated into Zoey Redbirds soul.
All around it was a good story. It wasn't too action-packed, which was good. Although, I must admit it's not my favorite of the series. I could tell it was more of an introduction if new material--and in a series that is so long, this is necessary to keep the subject matter fresh and evolving.
There were some things that troubled me about this book, though. Once again, Zoey's inability to act maturely in a difficult situation makes me super annoyed. I can't tell if the authors wrote her like this because they think that a young adult doesn't have the capacity to be as mature as an adult, or??? The constant bickering among the nerd herd seriously got on my nerves. Did none of them have the sense to put their minor differences aside and work together towards a solution? They are all so immature! The twins are especially annoying, and I've always thought so since the second book.
The other main qualm I have is Zoey's lack of confidence. She was so self conscious about the scar she received due to her major injury--worrying that the scar that went above her chest across her shoulders because she thought she'd look hideous naked? Really, girl? Be proud of your body and scars make you unique! But, Zoey is far far from perfect, so I'll accept her lack of confidence because many young women have it as well. However her problem swearing also makes her seems like she's too good for everyone else, a prep chick who is way too cliquey-- even though that's supposedly what she hated about Aphrodite and her clique. She's not a mean girl, at least.
But Zoey's men are ever-changing. Erik was the hottie who is super talented throughout all these books. All the girls vied after him. He is Zoey's boyfriend in this book (for most of it) but he is suddenly turning super possessive and jealous, basically a total jerk. Now, I used to be team Erik, and now obiously I'm not but I have a huge problem with the fact that Erik's personality changed so drastically without any advance notice! I mean, c'mon possessive guys usually give clues to their jealousy early in the relationship. Not towards the end when there is perfect timing for Zoey to get a new boyfriend--Stark! I find this highly suspicious and annoying. Oh and about Zoey having a few guys go for her attention...o don't have a problem with that. What girl hasn't had many guys she likes and likes them for different reasons? That doesn't make her a slut. But what does bother me is how Zoey doesn't own up to it. It's part of any Vampire (in this particular series) to have a human consort who she has imprinted with (Heath), AND a warrior who has pledged himself to be in her service (Stark) and a boyfriend too. So, knowing this, coupled with the fact that Vampires are it's probably natural to have many lovers...should be accepted by Zoey if that's the route she wants to take. Own up to it, girl! Seriously. Why are you so guilty? And another thing, if your life depends upon knowing so much of the background and culture of Nyx and vampires-- don't you think you would crack open your fledgling handbook and actually read it? Why are you so clueless? Sigh.

Ok. I know this sounds like I really hated the book but I didn't. I actually liked the story. And these things do annoy me, but I have been loving this series for the mythology ever since book 1 and I plan to read all the books. I have some serious catching up to do! I plan to read Tempted soon and another of the novellas too. I look forward to having the different characters' perspectives be a breath of fresh air from constant Zoey-narrative. 

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