Thursday, April 18, 2013

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme-- My Book Hoard

The theme of this week is -

Show us Your Book Hoard! Take a picture and show up what you have!

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Ok guys, I'm gonna show you just ONE of my 3+ bookshelves of books. The top two shelves are DVDs/blurays, and my moms books (which don't count as "my" beloved hoard).. :O *snickers*

Oh, and, as you can see...I still haven't unloaded all the books I bought at the library Booksale this past Friday! I have no more room! I need more bookshelves...the other two I have are also stuffed. I think I may have to put another row of the tiny paperbacks in front--cuz there's room ;)

Ah, it's so unorganized o_O ok, I've got my project for today-- organize ze bookcase!

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Comments: I'm not a book hoarder, am I? Lol, how does your hoard compare? :D
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  1. Yeah, I know! I actually already unloaded the books in the box, it looks a lot more full now..hehe

  2. I think we're all book hoarders. :P The stash looks great! :D

  3. Great stash! Thats one thing I dont have that I really one to get is a book shelf for the paper back and hard back books I own.

    New follower GFC, Google+, and FB.

    Heres my link:

  4. I feel there are worse things to be addicted to in life other than books. It's how I rationalize it haha

    1. EXACTLY!!!! I'm proud of my addiction ^_^


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