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Spike: A Dark Place, My feelings about the story

This graphic novel was provided to me by Diamond Book Publishers in exchange for my feedback. 

I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. When it comes to comics and graphic novels there is nothing that has monopolized my collection more than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike, and Angel. I have all the Omnibus, Season 8, and Season 9. I have been a little behind with season 9 of Buffy but had read enough to understand this story of Spike in the timeline. 

Spike is one of my favorite characters of Buffyverse. Even on the show, Marsters' characterization of Spike was so deep, making him flawed yet lovable in a way that completely differed from Angel. I always secretly vied for Spike and Buffy too, and his anguish was always something that I sympathized with. I felt he never really got enough credit for actually going to regain his soul to prove to Buffy he was a "man." Angel never did anything like that, and no one besides Buffy really understood the significance of what Spike did when he purposefully gained a soul. 

Anyways, onto the story-- I felt that the really had Spike down-pat. Like most readers I was leery when IDW had Spike and it was never really completely spot on—then I was also leery when Dark Horse took Spike, but since I knew they did a FAB job with Buffy and Angel & Faith I had confidence. I'm so glad to see that my intuition was right. It has never felt more like Spike than in this story. I loved his introspection and his personality was not watered down. I also liked the bugs and their storyline. It felt really almost like I was reading a version of a script made for television. I haven't felt that a story arc could be synced into television very often with the Buffy comics. Even Whedon admitted that Season 8 had liberties taken simply because they could, in the comic-universe. This, on the other hand, wasn't exaggerated or "comically comic" (hehe). I felt it really resonated with me. If you are a Spike fan I highly suggest it.

Ok, I loved it. Why 4 stars then instead of 5? The girl really bothered me. In fact, I despised her. I guess I felt the same way as Spike's bug legion. I just didn't like her and she wasn't someone that truly fit into the Buffyverse, in my opinion. Eh, I don't know. Am I looking forward to more Spike? Heck yes.

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