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House of Night (House of Night: The Graphic Novel, #1)House of Night by P.C. Cast
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Taken from the beginning; a short introduction: " Welcome to the House of Night, a finishing school for young vampires. Known as fledglings, these teen vampires haven't made the Change to become adult vampires yet. For many, the Change is fatal. When Tulsa teenager Zoey Redbird was Marked as a vampire by the goddess Nyx, it turned her world upside down. Not only is she facing the possibility of her death at any moment, Zoey also has to adapt to a new school where classes begin at 8 PM, figure out a whole new social hierarchy, deal with physiological changes that make her crave blood, and learn to accept her newly given magical affinities to the five elements: air, fire,water, earth, and spirit. "

This graphic novel is based on the House of Night series by P.C. cast and Kristin Cast. The series takes place between scenes from "Betrayed," the second novel in the house of night series. The stories in this graphic novel are based on the background vampire lore that the novels by the Casts expand upon. I actually enjoyed these comics a little more than the novels themselves, of which I am incredibly fond of. The artwork is incredible. Dark Horse did a great job finding the right creative team to create this. Both the Casts are directly involved in the creation of this work, so it's authenticity is assured. I found Zoey Redbird (the heroine) character to be visually wonderful and matching what I had in my mind visualized while reading the novels. The goddess Nyx would appear to all these wonderful women throughout history and grant them a "power" which corresponds to one of the elements. This was discussed in the books, yet the history wasn't described. So it's basically a set of short stories that expands upon a readers' knowledge of the books. If you are not familiar with any of the books I would still recommend this graphic novel, especially if you are a fan of vampire lore and mythology. It takes you to the world of the House of night series, all the characters are beautifully drawn and Zoey and her classmates finally have a picture to go with their wonderful personalities found in the house of night novels.
We are then taken back in time for five different stories, each describing the history of how the Goddess Nyx had first awarded a female vampire her magical affinities-- for air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. Zoey needs to learn the history of all 5 magical affinities and how the Goddess Nyx awarded them first and with each tale, a lesson is learned. The reader goes with Zoey through these lessons and sees how brilliant and visually dynamic these vampire tales can be! First, We are taken back to Norway in 1279 and visits the Viking vampire who was given a magical affinity for Earth. The stories then go to such visually exotic places as Briton in 60 A.D., To learn the story of air. We then see the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1173 BC and the famous Circe; where we see Odysseus and his travels to the island of Circe and learn the story of water. This is drawn differently with a nod toward Ancient Greece and thicker bold outlining. Then, in my personal favorite, we see the famous Cleopatra and Mark Antony! Her affinity was fire and we see Egypt in 41 B.C., and the beautiful rendering of Cleopatra in many red shades of color and her "imprint" with Mark Antony. The final story centers around another passionate affair when Hippolyte meets Herakles and we learn the lesson of spirit.
All 5 stories are drawn in a unique way and with great colors. I loved these stories and really hope the Casts create more. I definitely recommend this graphic novel!

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